The Media is Officially Throwing Joe Biden Under the Bus

Joe Biden pictured explaining the fall of Kabul

When Democrats make mistakes, the standard media technique is to deny that any mistake was actually made, bury the story, and then if necessary, explain away the mistake as someone else’s fault.

We’re seeing a bit of that with Joe Biden’s botched Afghan surrender – but not a lot.

It would be pretty easy for the media to simply claim that there was no way to avoid a total Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, bury the story with coronavirus hoaxsteria and Andrew Cuomo’s nipples, and then to blame Donald Trump. They already set it up to blame Trump, actually, by framing it as “Biden will go through with Trump’s plan.”

But the media is really angry about this, and they’re coming down hard on Vaxxy Joe. You can find this everywhere right now – just the fact that they are talking about the horrible end of women’s rights is an attack on Joe Biden.

This is story #1 across the whole media. It’s been holding that top spot on Google News for a solid week.

The Google News top box at time of writing. Google News is effectively the Billboard Top 100 of news. The algorithm figures out what people are reading the most and puts it in order. Although this is sometimes determined by the readers (such as when Daily Stormer used to hit the top spot), it is generally driven by the media itself, given the simple fact that whatever CNN, NYT, etc. put in the prime spot on their page is going to get the most clicks.

A pretty big deal this weekend in this media war on Joe Biden is that the New York Times printed a piece by Barack Obama’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan C. Crocker.

This story is being shilled all over the place.

It’s becoming clear that the big wigs in The Party want Joe Biden to step down. That almost certainly includes Obama himself, who infamously discouraged Biden from running at all.

Given that the media is simply the propaganda arm of The Party, there is no way it could be running an organized and sustained smear campaign against Joe Biden if they weren’t given permission by The Party’s top brass.

(At first I thought maybe the media was just mad, but if that was the case, they would have dialed things back by now. It is definitely possible for the media to start sharing their own views outside of the hardcore narrative of The Party here and there, but it isn’t possible for it to become a campaign of destruction the way this now is.)

Crocker is a big time Middle East figure. He began working in Islamic diplomatic missions immediately after college. He was appointed the Ambassador to Lebanon in 1990 at the age of 41, and was pretty much in the region until he retired in 2012. Before being Obama’s Afghanistan Man, he was Bush’s Iraq Man.

He’s not a neocon, per se, because he is ostensibly apolitical. I would just assume he works for the CIA, as basically everyone at any US embassy in the world does. Immediately after 9/11, he flew on a secret mission to Geneva to meet with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for clandestine operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s a top spook.

This Times piece is the closest thing we’ve gotten to an open call by Barack Obama (still the most popular figure in the Democrat Party) for Joe to step down and let the Queen take the throne.

Crocker starts out by openly blaming Joe Biden:

As the enormity of the events in Afghanistan this past week sink in, the questions start. How did this happen? How could we not have foreseen it? Why didn’t Afghan security forces put up a fight? Why didn’t we do something about corruption? The list goes on. There is one overarching answer: our lack of strategic patience at critical moments, including from President Biden. It has damaged our alliances, emboldened our adversaries and increased the risk to our own security. It has also flouted 20 years of work and sacrifice.

He then goes through anecdotes and a history lesson, making matter of fact statements about all types of gray matters. Liberal midwits love this sort of material – the idea that every complicated situation can be comprehended very easily in a rational fashion, as long as you’re willing to be reasonable, and accept that things are too complicated for anyone to understand.

The basic narrative is that American government officials are naturally very good and moral people, who naturally always do their best to do the morally right thing in every situation without exception, but because every rational man knows that geopolitics is so complicated that no one could ever understand it rationally, these highly moral people will often end up doing things that make them look like a gang of Jewish psychopaths.

Only a simplistic fool would take the easy way out, and simply decide that what looks like heavy Jewish psychopathy is actually simply heavy Jewish psychopathy. The enlightened man knows that everyone working for the US intelligence services is basically Christ incarnate, but it’s just that everything is so complicated and confusing they can’t ever make decisions that result in outcomes that are not overwhelmingly negative.

What the midwits love more than anything is an “apolitical politician” who has been celebrated by both establishment left and right as a straight shooter and lover of democracy presenting this narrative. (For reference: before #pissgate, James Comey was the prime example of a meticulously rendered “apolitical politician” who believes only in the moral goodness of Democracy, Our Values, and Who We Are. That image was eventually crushed, but you could see the way they milked it for all it was worth to attempt to show that Donald Trump existed outside of the basic moral order of the universe.)

Crocker claims that the entire purpose of the Afghan mission was to stop terrorism, and that the nation-building exercise was simply an extension of the process of “security.” Only a midwit could believe something this ridiculous. If you told this to a random ghetto black person, he would say: “mutthafuka why ain’t you put dem Muzzlem mutthafukas back in dey own cuntry? What them mutthafukas be doin’ over her in da firss place?” On the other side, anyone with a 130 IQ is going to weigh the cost of running an endless psychological warfare operation to reorganize an entire ancient culture in order to prevent them from coming to your country on student visas and hijacking commercial airliners and flying them into buildings against the benefit of Islamic immigration into America, and determine that whatever the supposed benefits of multiculturalism might be, having zero Moslems in your country means you are going to have zero Islamic terrorist attacks. Both blacks and very intelligent people will come to the conclusion that the whole thing is a scam, while the smug midwit will look down on both as incapable of understanding that the universe is incomprehensible.

The basic goal of this midwit management technique is to make the midwit feel as though he is part of the elite himself, because he understands their thinking; he is himself immersed in their moral struggle.

You can go read the full piece if you want to understand this technique better. You will easily understand what I am describing. But the reason I am describing it is to give you a picture of the kind of coalition of the willing that is being organized right now against Joe Biden.

After explaining that no one could ever possibly make good decisions about Middle East policy, Crocker states matter of factly that Joe Biden lacked “patience.” The virulently virtuous ZOG deep state spook understands that patience is a virtue of the very reasonable.

Joe Biden, while very moral and competent by nature (or else he wouldn’t be president of the greatest democracy and the perfect state), simply miscalculated. And it’s not simply America that will pay the price for it – but the entire global democratic order.

He never explicates what was supposed to be patiently waited on after two decades of occupation – that is no doubt part of the mystery, which rational actors understand is fundamentally incomprehensible.

The Washington Post notes that “as the Taliban swept across neighboring Afghanistan, some Pakistanis saw it as a reason to celebrate.” Yet I doubt there are many high fives being exchanged in Islamabad today. The American disaster in Afghanistan that Mr. Biden’s impatience brought about is not a disaster just for us. It has also been a huge boost for the Taliban, whose narrative now is that the believers, clad in the armor of the one true faith, have vanquished the infidels. That is resonating around the world, and certainly next door in Pakistan where the T.T.P. — the Pakistani Taliban, which seeks the overthrow of their government — has certainly been emboldened, as have Kashmiri militant groups created by Pakistan but that threaten Pakistan itself as well as India. Mr. Biden’s strategic impatience has given a huge boost to militant Islam everywhere.

We need to be engaged with Pakistan on ways to assess and deal with this enhanced threat. The prospect of violent destabilization of a country with about 210 million people and nuclear weapons is not a pretty one. The same is true in Iran. It’s always good to see the Great Satan take a kick in the face, and it’s worth a little gloating, but the Islamic Republic and the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate almost went to war in 1998. A region is worried, and it is right to be so.

Crocker then blames Donald Trump – who he also identifies as impatient – before equating Joe Biden to Donald Trump.

Enter Mr. Biden. To my shock, he embraced Mr. Trump’s Afghanistan policy. We have betrayed our promises to interpreters, women and children, and others who are now trapped in an Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban. I fear many will lose their lives because of Mr. Biden’s impatience. We had their backs. Until Mr. Biden decided we didn’t. They will pay for it.

After 1,200 words of bloviation and fart-huffing, Crocker finally reveals that by “patience,” he means “eternal occupation.”

Mr. Biden’s decision to withdraw all U.S. forces destroyed an affordable status quo that could have lasted indefinitely at a minimum cost in blood and treasure. Even with a full withdrawal, we might have managed steps that would have protected our interests. The ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, and I suggested how in these pages a few months ago.

Now, the Taliban hold all the cards. They will determine whether evacuations through the Kabul airport can proceed. And whatever happens next, the image of this American capitulation is already etched indelibly in the world’s imagination. It is that U.S. Air Force C-17 taxiing for takeoff from Kabul surrounded by a desperate Afghan mob. Seconds later, at least one man falls to his death from the plane’s wheel well. It is eerily reminiscent of the people who jumped from the World Trade Center on 9/11 rather than face death by fire. What a tragic and painful circle it closes two decades later.

That’s the closing paragraph.

This is brutal.

You can expect to see this narrative echoed throughout the media, on cue. It’s 8:00 AM EST as I’m writing this, and I expect the Sunday news shows to feature creeping condemnations of Joe Biden.

Of course, back in reality, outside of the delusions of the midwits, Joe Biden is not making any decisions about anything. He is completely senile. Even if he was making decisions, he couldn’t possibly be blamed personally for the instantaneous fall of Kabul, as there was a trillion dollar intelligence apparatus feeding him completely bogus information about the situation on the ground.

In reality, the decision to pull out of Afghanistan was made by the Brain Trust of the Democrat Party, and the only mistake was the total incompetence of the intelligence services, which predicted with certainty that the government of Kabul would stand for at least three months. These people are clearly high on their own supply. They’ve been telling such ridiculous lies about Afghanistan for so long that they themselves can no longer tell the difference between lies and the truth. This is almost certainly reflective of the entire state of the US intelligence apparatus, which is why the situation last weekend was such a humiliation for the globalists.

If military intelligence had simply said “as soon as we start to pack up, the Taliban is going to steam roll the country,” then preparations could have been made to get out the people who were supposed to be gotten out, and to remove the billions of dollars of military equipment. There also could have simply been a peaceful handover to the Taliban, which would have avoided the humiliating spectacle of Kabul being steamrolled. It appeared that a voluntary handoff to the Taliban was Donald Trump’s plan, in fact. Trump’s people were meeting with the Taliban, and someone could have simply asked them what they thought was going to happen.

I don’t understand why the troops were actually pulled out. No one understands that. What we do know as an absolute matter of fact is that this wasn’t a bold miscalculation made by Joe Biden while he was eating ice cream in sunglasses.

I’m not aware of the behind the scenes operations within the Democrat Party. I have no idea if there are powerful people linked to Joe Biden who want him to remain in office. I’m sure there are internal squabbles, but it could very well be that everyone has already agreed that Joe has to go.

As I said above, I think it’s almost certain that Barack Obama wants him out. He’s likely cut a deal with Kamala. He most likely wants to be appointed as the General Secretary of the United Nations, as him and his people attempt to get some kind of a grip on this rapidly unfolding collapse of the Anal Empire.

I don’t know how long it will take for Joe to step down. If I had to guess, I would suspect that they want to stick the poor old bastard with one more really unpopular debacle. If they’ve already decided to burn him, then they might as well use him to do whatever dirty business they have on their checklist.

Of course, the underlying problem is that Kamala Harris is borderline nonviable, given how badly she is hated by the entire country. I think that is the hesitation here – they still don’t know how they can make Kamala work.

If I had to guess, I would expect that Joe is going to step down within a year, that Kamala will do a lot of really dirty stuff, and probably lose Taiwan, and then decline to run for a second term. At that point, in 2024, the country will be so Bolshevized that it won’t really matter who assumes power.