New York Times Kikes Say Al Franken “Made a Mistake” – Not Abuse

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2017

It has to be at least a little be jarring to the goyim general population of this kike mental institution we live in that the most extreme liberal feminist publications are coming out in defense of a top kike who is literally in a photograph grabbing a woman’s tits as she sleeps.

New York Times:

A day after the latest in a dizzying series of sexual assault revelations enveloped Senator Al Franken and rattled the Capitol, politicians and comedians were left trying to assess the line between predatory behavior and an inexcusable mistake, as calls mounted for him to resign.

Mr. Franken, Democrat of Minnesota and a veteran of both comedy and politics — two industries under increased scrutiny for fostering cultures where sexual abuse is pervasive — was targeted by Republicans, including President Trump, who has himself been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault. Republicans are grappling with their own senatorial scandal, as Roy S. Moore pursues a Senate seat amid accusations of assaulting teenage girls.

There are several differences there, my New York kike friends, but the main one is that there are no photographs and neither Trump or Moore ever admitted to anything.

There is a very wide difference between an allegation and an admission.

But that did not diminish their zeal as they called on Mr. Franken to step down.

On Twitter, Mr. Trump publicly hinted at a pattern of assault, and the political fallout continued as two Minnesota candidates for governor, both Democrats, called on Mr. Franken to resign. The conservative writer and activist L. Brent Bozell III said Mr. Franken had been “caught red-handed conducting lewd and unacceptable behavior,” adding, “there is a pervert in the United States Senate.”

By Friday evening, Mr. Franken had canceled a coming appearance at a book fair in Miami.

But while there was no widespread public showing of support for Mr. Franken, a number of his allies, including three former “Saturday Night Live” colleagues and 10 former aides, all women, said that they did not believe his behavior fit a pattern or was in the same realm of misconduct as other high-profile men accused of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry, including the comedian Louis C. K. and the producer Harvey Weinstein.

There was widespread public support for Franken throughout the entire kike media – they used the allegations to attack Donald Trump.

What is that sort of schizoid deflection if not support?

I didn’t see a single headline condemning Franken – they were all “YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT DONALD TRUMP THOUGH???”

“I’m just so upset about this atmosphere and good people being dragged into it,” said Jane Curtin, a member of the original cast of “Saturday Night Live” with Mr. Franken from 1975 to 1980 who has been close with him since. “It’s just like the red menace. You don’t know who’s going to be next.

Ms. Curtin said that in a comedy setting where women were at times not valued or dismissed because of their gender, Mr. Franken was a powerful ally who viewed female writers and comedians as his equal. But she was also among several who said they were disappointed by Mr. Franken’s conduct and were struggling with the episode, which happened during his comedy career.

“I was surprised,” Ms. Curtin said. “If he did that, that’s really stupid, but I have never seen him in a situation where he has been sexually aggressive with anybody.”

What the hell is this article I am reading, NYT, if not an open defense of Al Franken, the kike who was photographed grabbing a sleeping shiksa’s breasts?

Others, including the woman who said he forcibly kissed her during a 2006 U.S.O. tour of the Middle East, grappled with his expressions of remorse. The woman, Leeann Tweeden, read an apology from the senator during a Friday appearance on the “The View.”

In another appearance, on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Ms. Tweeden, a radio newscaster, said she had not told her story for political gain, and that his fate was up to the people of Minnesota to decide. She said she wanted women to feel more comfortable to share their experiences.

“Because if he did this to somebody else, or if anybody else has stayed silent, or anybody else has been the victim of any kind of abuse, maybe they can speak out and feel like they can come forward in real time and not wait a decade or longer,” she said.

As Washington wrestled with how to categorize Mr. Franken’s behavior, which was accompanied by a photo that showed him appearing to grope Ms. Tweeden as she slept on a military plane, even some ardent defenders of women’s rights said the senator’s offense was not so grievous as to require his resignation.



But you know, this Al Franken, he’s a good guy, God’s chosen people, even the feminists don’t believe he should resign for this picture of him grabbing a sleeping woman’s breasts…

“This is not a Harvey Weinstein situation,” said Debra Katz, a civil rights lawyer who handles sexual harassment cases. “Harvey Weinstein was a serial predator who used his power to put women in very vulnerable situations. He abused that power by sexually assaulting women. That’s not what this is.”

The kike Debra Katz tells the kike New York Times that the kike Al Franken is different than the kike Harvey Weinstein.

2% of the population, by the way. In case you want to run that math.

Ms. Katz also drew a distinction between Mr. Franken’s role as a comedian and that of a senator.

“Context is relevant,” she said. “He did not do this as a member of the U.S. Senate. He did this in his capacity of someone who was still functioning as an entertainer.”

Roy Moore hasn’t even been elected yet!

And Franken’s PICTURE is from 2006 – not from the seventies!

And the article goes on to list more people, probably Jews, saying that Franken shouldn’t resign over this.

It is absolutely incredible to see this lined up next to the Roy Moore situation.

Meanwhile, the same Jews are saying that it is all Donald Trump’s fault.

Yet there is no picture of Trump harassing any women. There is no admission by him to doing it. There was no financial settlement. In fact, all of the women who were claiming it went silent after the election.

These kikes do not understand that people are looking at this, and that the goyim aren’t as dumb as they think they are.