New York Times Jew Claims Immigrants Don’t Really Steal Jobs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2015

Silly, stupid goyim.  Will you ever learn?
Silly, stupid goyim. Will you ever learn?

The New York Times has published a piece entitled “Debunking the Myth of the Job-Stealing Immigrant,” wherein the Jew Adam Davidson makes the outrageous and stupid claim that immigrants don’t steal jobs from natives. In it, the Jew claims “the economic benefits of immigration may be the ­most ­settled fact in economics.”

This is obviously nonsensical – an “emperor has no clothes” situation, where we are supposed to accept something that makes no sense because if we don’t we fear we will look stupid. Immigration is only beneficial to the economy in that having more people means more things are bought and sold, meaning the GDP is higher. At the same time, however, the individual’s spending power and quality of life drop significantly. A higher GDP does absolutely nothing to benefit individuals.

Immigration benefits rich mostly Jew capitalists by widening the gap between rich and poor. That is why both parties support it so aggressively. The Jewish angle – that they wish to weaken the White race – is simply a side benefit.

As far as immigrants not stealing jobs, Davidson’s argument is that more people means more products and services are needed, meaning that for each poor immigrant who enters the country, another job is created.

But we have unemployment, don’t we? This argument would only make sense if we had no unemployment, and the immigrants coming in were not way more poor than the average American. Poor people buy less and work for less, meaning all that more poor people means is a drop in wages and thus a drop in available jobs.

This is all obvious. A small child could understand it intuitively. But Jews have this method of twisting up people’s minds, making them believe obvious facts are some sort of racist hoax.

I recommend reading the whole article. Very well done propaganda. It is a piece of art, really. A perfect example of how you can take an obvious reality and make it into a silly fantasy through manipulating information.

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