New York Times Confirms QAnon Conspiracy Theory That Vax Changes Women’s Menstruation

Has Alex Jones been hired as the new editor of the NYT?

Has the New York Times joined the QAnon conspiracy movement?

Are they going to begin promoting the insurrection and trying to destroy what’s left of our very, very fragile democracy?

Why are they spreading these debunked anti-vaxer conspiracy theories?

New York Times:

Shortly after coronavirus vaccines were rolled out about a year ago, women started reporting erratic menstrual cycles after receiving the shots.

Some said their periods were late. Others reported heavier bleeding than usual or painful bleeding. Some postmenopausal women who hadn’t had a period in years even said they had menstruated again.

A study published Thursday found that women’s menstrual cycles did indeed change after vaccination against the coronavirus. The authors reported that women who were inoculated had slightly longer menstrual cycles after receiving the vaccine than those who were not vaccinated.

Their periods, which came almost a day later on average, were not prolonged, however, and the effect was transient, with cycle lengths bouncing back to normal within one or two months. For example, someone with a 28-day menstrual cycle that starts with seven days of bleeding would still begin with a seven-day period, but the cycle would last 29 days. The cycle ends when the next period starts and would revert to 28 days within a month or two.

The delay was more pronounced in women who received both vaccine doses during the same menstrual cycle. These women had their periods two days later than usual, researchers found.

So, the reason this happens: the spike protein wants to collect itself in the ovaries, just like it wants to collect itself in the vascular system.

We’re supposed to believe Pfizer and the FDA didn’t know this, but we won’t know for sure until 2096, when they declassify the documents.

It is a little bit suspicious that a vaccine pushed by people constantly talking about population reduction would affect the reproductive system. But we must simply accept that as a strange coincidence.

Yes, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates do want to reduce the population drastically, but they also just love all of us so much that they want us to live forever with their amazing vaccines they’re forcing us to take.

It’s part of the mystery of the human condition.