New York Times Columnist Calls for Mike Pence to be Killed on Twitter, Isn’t Suspended

Will Wilkinson, a boring and probably Jewish New York Times columnist, called for Mike Pence to be lynched.

He apparently deleted the tweet voluntarily, after he snapped out of his fit.

Twitter didn’t suspend the account, or take any action against him. Which is kinda old hat at this point, but a high profile call from an NYT writer to kill the outgoing former Vice President is still pretty hardcore, even for Twitter. I would permanently ban anyone who posted that on any site I ran.

But yeah, Donald Trump saying “I won’t attend the inauguration” is a call for violence according to Twitter, while an NYT writer actually calling for a high level politician to be killed is… free speech? I guess?

Wilkinson recently commented on free speech, claiming the standard libertarian argument that “private companies have a right to become monopolies and then silence all free speech.” He also did it while referring to Parler as a publisher (these people also defend CDA 230, which says that a website that allows open registration is a “platform” and not a publisher), and claimed that Amazon Web Services is a “newspaper.”

So yeah, I mean… it’s all just absolute nonsense. All of this stuff about values and principles and ideologies – it doesn’t mean anything other than “the goyim argue over confusing, abstract nonsense while Jews roll over them.”

There was a point not too long ago that a paper like the NYT would fire a columnist for calling for killings like this. Which is I guess worth noting.

But at this point, saying “the left is escalating violence while blaming the right” is like saying “the sky is blue.” Everyone knows what’s going on.