New York Times Calls for Shutdown of Google Podcasts Because of Alex Jones

I wish Dr. Doom was taking over the world with an evil plot, instead of all of these gay faggots and Jews. I would probably support a global dictatorship by Dr. Doom, frankly.

People don’t really seem to understand totally that the media is the primary force behind calling for censorship. It is not the tech companies themselves and it is not even primarily the Jewish censorship groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

The number one force in mass censorship is the media. This creates a very clear conflict of interests, as they are always calling for the censorship of their direct competition. It would be like if Burger King was running a campaign talking about how morally repugnant McDonald’s is, and demanding that McDonald’s meat suppliers cut ties with them, due to their great immorality.

The New York Times is now officially demanding that Google Podcasts begin a campaign of mass censorship to shut down the free speech that still exists on the platform, citing supposed “neo-Nazism” and Alex Jones.

Even if you believed in censorship, why would anyone, anywhere tolerate this kind of straightforward and matter-of-fact corruption, operating on this scale?

I recently watched a House Judiciary Committee Hearing from earlier this month featuring Glenn Greenwald as the straight man. It was regarding proposed legislation that would save local news, somehow, by giving tech companies exemption from anti-trust laws.

Greenwald was the only one there saying that the problem that was bigger than the tech power was media power, and that it was actually the media that was behind the censorship more so than the tech companies.

This is actually true, though the tech companies have completely rolled over now, and are aggressively endorsing whatever demand the media presents them with.

The tech lords appeared again before Congress this week, and bizarro Jack Dorsey claimed that he supports free speech, but that he has to have the ability to censor everyone.

Tucker Carlson had a good segment on it, in which he touched a kind of third rail, saying that the tech companies have the goal of shaping the behavior of the public.

This behavior modification agenda is something that I’ve talked about at some length, but I’ve never seen Tucker say it before. Censorship is only one part of this, though it is the biggest part.

It’s all thoroughly predictable, and thus truly unbelievably tiresome.