New York Times Admits Cruz and Rubio are “Not White”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2016


Marco and Rafael: The Bay of Pigs revenge squad.

After decades of ramming the idea that “race doesn’t exist” down the throats of the people – without ever providing any evidence – it is now simply taken as a fact by the establishment. As such, any disparity in achievement between the races must necessarily be due to a racist conspiracy.

The New York Times has been fussing over the horrible facts of #OscarSoWhite, and to augment their crusade against us, they’ve created a list of various other powerful institutions in America, giving pictures of all involved and marking the non-Whites.

One of the institutions they featured was the US Senate.

ted cruz and marco rubio aren't white

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Interestingly, both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were listed as “non-White.”

It’s a question that comes up regularly in discussion on this website: are Cruz and Rubio White?

I have argued that no, they are not. Very interesting that the New York Times agrees with me.

Another interesting fact of this NYT feature is that they list all Jews as White. I would like to see someone go through and mark the Jews, to show how outrageously disproportionately overrepresented they are in the American institutions of power.