New York Teacher Under Fire for Nipple Licking During Zoom Class

I’ve been arguing for years that the New York Mets should change their name to the New York Nipple-Lickers.

Maybe it’s finally time to make that happen, in honor of our brave teachers’ unions?


A New York City teacher has been pulled from her classes but kept her job after being caught on a Zoom teaching session sucking a man’s nipple in front of her students.

Amanda K. Fletcher, 37, was disciplined after an investigation found she had performed an “inappropriate sexual act” during a Zoom classroom for students of the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering.

Fletcher, a Spanish teacher, “appeared to suck the nipple of an unidentified topless male” while “gyrating” back and forth on video, according to the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools.

She also reportedly ate spaghetti while the man in question stood behind her shirtless, according to videos reported by the New York Post.

After finishing her session on the man’s chest, Fletcher returned to teaching her class. Investigators watched multiple videos taken by students of the incident.

“This behavior is absolutely unacceptable,” DOE spokeswoman Danielle Filson said, according to the New York Post. Fletcher was reassigned after her incident was reported last fall, and she remains employed by the city. She has reportedly declined to explain any of the scenes.

Yeah I mean – just like people are doing mass shooting and other violent acts, you’re going to see people doing all kinds of weird sexual stuff. This is all part of the total breakdown of the mass psyche that is the result of this lunatic virus hoax.

Anyway – on the issue of teachers, how about we talk about unions?

Somebody needs to start talking about unions.

For some reason, the teachers get a union, and hardly anyone else does.

If non-teachers had unions, then those unions could go to war with the teachers’ unions in order to get kids back in schools and prevent all of this heinous nipple-licking we’ve seen happening.

I get that communists infiltrated unions. But the modern policy of not having unions because you can’t keep them from being infiltrated by communists is really throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Unions should be a basic function of any civilized society.

You know what unions could do right now? They could prevent people from being fired for refusing the deadly vaxx.

Rather than witch-hunting communists in unions, you could just have a law that Jews were not allowed in the leadership of unions. That would pretty much completely prevent communist infiltration.

I’m also not really sure than in current year, “the threat of communist infiltration” is a valid concern, given that there is no enemy country that is communist (China is not Comintern, and they’re not really even communist – but okay, ban the Chinese from running unions too if you’re worried about that).

Right-wingers really are moronic in the way they allowed the threat of communism to override basic common sense.

They’re doing the same thing now, actually.

I suppose that peasants will be peasants.

“Yes milord. What is it? Right-o.”

It’s the elect who are to blame.