New York State has 4 Times the Death Toll of Sweden


Just to give some perspective on how badly this “pandemic” is not happening, let’s compare the death toll of New York State – which experienced the most aggressive lockdown of anywhere in the world under the extreme and brutal regime of Andrew Cuomo – with that of Sweden, which refused to lock anything down.

Sweden is a country of 10,230,000. They have had a total of 2,192 deaths from coronavirus.

That means that 0.0214% of their total population has died from this virus.

New York State has a population of 19,450,000. They have a total of 16,599 deaths from coronavirus.

That means that 0.0853% of their total population has died from this virus.

So, that means that New York State has four times the per capita deaths as Sweden.

You can attempt to fiddle with this statistic. Presumably New Yorkers are fatter than Swedes. Maybe New York being more urbanized than Sweden plays a role. There are more blacks, with their various conditions.

If the lives of obese black people are the most important thing in the universe, couldn’t we have just spent the $10 trillion we spent (so far) on this lockdown putting them on diets?

But you’re not going to get very far with that fiddling. The median age in New York is 36, whereas the median age in Sweden is 41. Sweden has a whole lot of old people, and that is likely to offset whatever fiddling you do.

Even if you managed some monumental feat of statistical manipulation, you would only ever be able to get it down to a situation where it was three times instead of four times.

What this means is that:

  • Andrew Cuomo has figured out some way to really increase that death toll statistic, by including everyone who dies in the number and maybe even just make up deaths of people, and/or
  • The lockdown actually increases the death toll

I suspect that it is probably some combination of the two. I think it’s possible that Cuomo has doubled the death toll by putting “coronavirus” on the certificates of people who died of other things. I don’t think he’d be able to quadruple it, however.

Andrew Cuomo is I’m sure a math genius. But even he can only do so much with these numbers.

That means that the lockdown is increasing the death toll, as I’ve said it would. There is simply no reality in which forcing people to stay in their homes, in close quarters with their family members all day, while also allowing them to crowd together in supermarkets one or two or more times per week, would not make the infection rate, and thus the fatality rate, go up.

So for all of you people who are saying “it was worth completely destroying the economy, burning the Constitution and abolishing the middle class because we had to save the lives of the elderly and fat black people” – it’s the opposite. You’d have saved more of your precious old people and obese blacks if you’d protested the lockdown.

Now it’s time to see how many you killed with this lockdown.

It’s going to be a whole lot.