New York Post Jew Reports on Rando White Woman Getting Angry at Black Soldiers

On Friday, there was a headline national news story about a white woman speaking rudely to black soldiers at an IHOP after she had offered to pay for their meal.

The story here is not the white woman getting angry at aggressive blacks. The story is the media reporting on it.

In particular, it is a story that the New York Post put this on the front page – right there next to the story of the black guy who murdered an autistic Amish girl:

Despite the fact that there was nothing explicitly racist about what the woman said to these black soldiers, the story is classified under “racism,” with a sidebar that says “MORE ON: RACISM.”

Just so you understand – here’s the video.

All this video shows is a white woman (she’s not Jewish – note the cross) getting irritated at black people.

Here’s from the Post’s report:

Disturbing video captures a white woman flipping out on a group of black soldiers at a Virginia IHOP after she offered to help pay for their meal — but then accused them of stealing her money.

One of the four soldiers from Fort Belvoir who ate at the nearby pancake joint recorded the incident and posted it on TikTok.

Fort Belvoir spokesman Joe Richard told the Army Times that the unidentified woman put $30 on the group’s table to pay for their meal, “which is not uncommon when people meet military personnel.”

He said “it’s a gesture as a way to thank them for their service.”

But before the woman left the restaurant, she suddenly took $24 back and left just $6 on the table.

She then returned moments later and started abusing the group of soldiers, Richard said.

“She became antagonistic, claiming the soldiers had taken her money and directed racially charged language at the soldiers,” he told the news outlet.

“You guys are … s—bags!” she said. “Are you the thin blue line, are you BLM, are you Antifa?”

The woman proceeds to sit down at their booth and block one of the soldiers from moving, the video shows.

The soldiers ask her to leave them alone before another patron — a non-uniformed man identified as a retired airman — steps in and tells her to leave the restaurant.

“Is this your restaurant? Motherf—–, I will f—– drop you! You wanna go? You wanna go?” she is heard yelling at the man.

“Oh? Drop me? Really?” he answers.

The US military and IHOP itself have publicly denounced this poor woman.

Maybe she was acting like a bitch – she seems a bit bitchy. She actually seemed somewhat unhinged. However, it is likely that something triggered her. There is probably something that happened before this video starts that triggered her. Or maybe she imagined something? It doesn’t really matter.

Everyone is on edge these days. Everyone is forced to wear masks that alienate us from each other and make our subconscious minds think people are menacing us whenever they make eye contact. When a stranger makes direct eye contact without smiling it is always going to be interpreted as menacing, and the subconscious mind cannot understand this mask thing. So people are going to get agitated at one another – that is clearly the point of this lunatic mask agenda.

Whatever the case, to frame getting agitated as a racist hate crime, and to act as though it is important enough to put at the top of the New York Post – this is insane. The Post is attempting to dox this woman. That is what is going on here – all of the media outlets reporting on this are trying to dox this woman, at which point she will lose her job, she will be alienated from friends and possibly family, and they might show up with a protest in front of her house, demanding unspecific “justice” that sounds like a call for her death.


What you have here is an agenda to nail a rando white person to the wall, for no reason at all.

So what if it was racially-motivated aggravation? There is no evidence that it was, but what would that mean? How would that make it a national news story? She didn’t hurt anyone – she got irritated over something.

If in fact these black soldiers did nothing at all, she clearly thought they did, and the natural thing for them to do would be to settle her down, give her her money back, and then say, “wow, she must be having a bad day.”

Instead, they video taped her, posted it on the internet, and are now in the process of working with the media to destroy her life.

If there is any “racial hate crime” here, it is on the part of the blacks! Imagine the disproportionality of “woman being annoying in public” with “completely destroy her life by putting her on the front page of the news as a racist hater in a time in history when ‘racist hater’ is the most evil thing on earth.”

What the media is attempting to do is not simply stir up hatred by blacks against whites – they want whites to push back, as they will then be able to use whites pushing back as evidence of how evil whites are.

It is disgusting that a supposedly right-wing tabloid, the New York Post, would be involved in this. If they want to report the story because it is tabloid-worthy due to other outlets covering it, they could easily have reported it as “she’s just having a bad day – give her a break!” instead they joined in the “give us Barabbas” mania.

Whatever you do, in your day to day life, just try to completely avoid black people – at all costs. They are all on the prowl, and they literally hate you because of the color of your skin. They all now have the power to completely destroy you, on a whim. Something is going to have to give, at some point, but for now – just stay the hell away from these people.

This woman’s mistake was doing this ridiculous “pay for the troops” bit, which up until a few years ago, was about the gayest norm that any country has ever had, and should have been a sign of things to come. Probably 50% of our readers over the age of 18 are either in the military or vets, I’ve got a lot of them I know in real life, and I’ve never met one who was comfortable with this “thank you for your service” claptrap. Never once have I heard of a soldier who was not explicitly uncomfortable with this. So it is weird in the first place. But when you start getting in it with the blacks, right now – this is nuts, and on some level, this woman does deserve what she gets for being so stupid.

Just a reminder: there is no draft. These people sign up for the military and get paid for doing a job, which is no more heroic than any other job and is less dangerous – and less useful – than logging.

(America has a bad memory of when hippies were spitting on soldiers coming back from Vietnam. That was indeed just about as horrible of a thing as you could do to anyone. Those boys were drafted, and literally did nothing wrong. Anything wrong they did do was a result of being sent to that stupid war, and in my view, none of them can be held personally responsible for any of it. However, this “thank you for your service” bit is blatantly deranged jingoism which doesn’t help anyone. It actually fetishizes and ultimately dehumanizes soldiers. There are entire veterans’ groups that make it a point to speak out against this, saying that it makes it impossible to tell the actual stories they experienced in war. I’m sure some soldiers get off on it, but among those who have seen combat, it seems that they nigh universally feel that this trivializes their experiences. Many who have not experienced combat just think it is uncomfortable and weird. Again, most of my audience is military people, and they’re actually much more likely to support me financially, so if this wasn’t overwhelmingly true, I wouldn’t say it. Not that I would change my message for donations, but this is something we don’t really have studies on, so it’s not “hard facts,” and obviously if it wasn’t true, it would offend vets. I’ve been saying this for years and have never heard from an offended vet. Conversely, things I’ve written have offended a lot of cops. That’s a whole other issue, and cannot fit in this parenthetical note.)

Remember when I did the loggers meme?

That was a great meme. I just lost it rereading that second one. (Speaking of appreciation – that’s one thing I do not get enough of. People should be thanking me for my service in public. I’m pretty sure “dissident political journalist” has a higher fatality rate than even logging.)

Probably, this woman was trying to show that she wasn’t a racist, at the same time as she was doing the horrible “thank you for your service” bit. Then either they said something or she thought they said something, and you got an anti-white hate mob fueled by the national media.

Advisory Notice

As a top racist hater, I just want to make it clear: there is no such thing as “racism” or “white supremacy” or any of these other things these people in the media are talking about. The only thing any of us want is to be left alone. We are going to have to physically separate from these blacks at some point in the future. There is no other solution. Clearly, they don’t want to be around us either, so we should be able to arrange something (we could easily arrange something if it were not for Jews getting in the middle of it). But until then, you just need to stay out of these people’s way. They are on a rampage, and they have the entire backing of the media and the government. They want you to literally bow down before them, and unless you’re willing to do that, then you need to just not be near them, ever. Also note that bowing down before them is not considered enough, and after you bow, they will demand more of you.