New York: Nazi Government to Experiment on Colored Folk with Dangerous Pills

Finally, America is developing real Nazi-type policies, and is beginning to openly experiment on nonwhites with dangerous drugs.


The New York State Department of Health appeared to announce this week that non-white New Yorkers would receive priority over whites in receiving “extremely limited” Covid-19 therapies for people at risk.

In a document dated December 27, the Department of Health announced that two antiviral oral therapies – Paxlovid and molnupiravir – had received emergency use authorization and would “reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by 88% and 30% respectively.”

The department said supplies would be “extremely limited initially” and would therefore have to be distributed based on its “guidance on prioritization.” That guidance currently prioritizes those who are either moderately or severely immunocompromised or have at least one risk factor for severe illness. Though these risk factors include suffering from cancer, dementia, or diabetes, among other diseases, the department stated that being non-white “should be considered a risk factor, as long-standing systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from Covid-19.”

Social media users have expressed outrage over the guidance, describing it as “blatant racism” and “morally appalling.”

Yes, it is appalling blatant racism to experiment on these coloreds, but you should watch one of those animal rights documentaries about what they do to chimpanzees in these testing labs.

Wouldn’t you rather those kinds of tests be done on black people, than on innocent chimps?

Although it might be a little bit politically incorrect to say it, some people might also say that wiping out black people altogether would be a good social policy for America. They’re not really providing much in terms of anything. We definitely already have enough rap music, and I know some people like sports, but there are decades of sports matches you can go back and watch.

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No one is going to miss the blacks if they go missing, I can tell you that. So I think the government and Pfizer need to look into more subtle policies of eliminating the black population.