New York: Jews Trying to Block MMA Because the Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2015

Is it any surprise this makes Jews nervous?
Is it any surprise this makes Jews nervous?

Jews in New York are attempting to block people in that state from enjoying the joys of mixed martial arts.

Their reason?

Why, the Holocaust, of course.


Several Jewish leaders are urging New York State lawmakers not to legalize mixed martial arts in the state, citing the role that Abu Dhabi plays in the sport.

In a letter to state lawmakers shared exclusively with the Daily News, 17 leaders said that the United Arab Emirates country, which does not recognize the State of Israel, owns a 10 percent stake in the sport’s biggest league, Ultimate Fighting Championship. Among those who signed the letter are the executive vice President of the New York Board of Rabbis, Joseph Potasnik, and Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, a City University of New York trustee and board member of numerous Jewish organizations.

The letter notes that the Anti-Defamation League recently ranked Abu Dhabi as one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the world.

“This is a country that refuses to recognize Israel as a nation, refuses to allow Israeli citizens to travel in their country, and has banned the teaching of the Holocaust in their schools,” the letter says.

It is believed to be the first objection to the sport on Jewish or pro-Israel grounds.

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t believe the Arabs should own any part of our fighting sports, or anything else of ours. But this clearly demonstrates the way Jews in America manipulate our politics, economics and society for the benefit of their Middle East criminal base.

It also demonstrates their capacity to bring up the alleged lampshading of the six million in literally any context.

I would also add here that I would reckon that Jews are also generally opposed to MMA, as it is the one thing that has really allowed White men to be manly again and to present an image of coolness in an age when coolness is the realm of Negro rappers and Jew comedians.  Arabs own a lot of stuff in America already, so that as a reason makes little sense alone.