New York: Jews GASSED for Supporting Trump! Second Holocaust???

Being a Jew Trump supporter in New York City is like being a Jew communist in Hitler’s Germany: they gas you.

Have the poor Jews not been gassed enough?

Fox News:

A family of seven ‒ including four kids ‒ were pepper-sprayed by violent rioters on Sunday while participating in a “Jews For Trump” rally in New York City. 

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department said 11 people were taken into custody after the rally descended into chaos and violence Sunday afternoon. Six people were charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration and harassment, while a seventh person was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, the NYPD said Monday.

A convoy of hundreds of cars draped with American flags and “Trump 2020” banners rolled slowly through Manhattan and Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon. The caravan traveled from Coney Island to the Trump Tower in Manhattan before heading to a rally in a Brooklyn park.

At some point, skirmishes broke out between supporters and opponents of the president.

A member of the family that was pepper-sprayed told Fox News that the unprovoked attack happened while the family was driving down Fifth Avenue with the car windows down and Trump flags displayed.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous fearing his family could be targeted, said a car pulled up next to them and unleashed pepper spray into their vehicle.

“Immediately the kids started crying and screaming and I jumped out of the car after I was peppered [sic] sprayed as well,” the man said.

The man said the attacker chased him down the avenue trying to pepper-spray him again. His mother flagged down an officer and the suspect was arrested.

The man told Fox News that the kids “are now left traumatized” and still “coughing from” the residue.

The encounter was one of many violent confrontations between the rally’s participants and protesters. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that a convoy was to take place in several Orthodox Jewish communities ahead of a planned event in Brooklyn’s Marine Park. The event was organized by Boris Epshteyn, an adviser to the Trump campaign and co-chair of Jewish Voices for Trump.

Why didn’t they just walk backwards out of the cloud of pepper spray though?

Walking backwards is a tried and true method of their ancestors for avoiding noxious gas.

Although I guess the children didn’t have much to worry about – it takes 3 cans of gas to gas a Jewish baby.

They were facing troubles other than gassing.

They were hit with eggs:

They were hit with rocks:

One Jew had his window punched:

(By the way, you’re always going to break your knuckles before breaking a side-window of a car.)

It wasn’t all Jews – Rudy Giuliani was at the event.

I’ll tell you what – Jews are literally human shields, in that they are beacons for police protection. This is literally the only time I have ever seen people arrested for attacking Trump supporters.

Police are even investigating the rocks that were dropped on the Jews.

For Anyone Who Still Doesn’t Get the “Jews for Trump” Thing

I’m going to assume that there are still people who don’t understand “Jews for Trump” or “Jews for [other thing that we like].” But this is actually very simple: Jews need to have their hands in everything. Thus, they will join literally every single organization or group that does not explicitly ban Jews. They will even join anti-Semitic groups, if the group is not so anti-Semitic that it bans Jews.

Jews have an unbelievable ability to sense whether or not Jews are present in a movement or organization. They will naturally feel it out. If they find there are no Jews there, they will join it. They tend to then work their way to the top of it, and control it, and make sure it isn’t anti-Jewish. They also redirect it towards things that Jews like.

With Trump, of course, there is also the fact that he supports Israel, and many of the Jews who support him are literally Israel-first, Israel-only, and can’t really see past that. However, (virtually) all Jews, including the Jews of CNN, support Israel. Support for Israel does not automatically mean support for Republicans. Especially in this situation, where Joe Biden would be much more likely than Trump to start a war for Israel.

Having a “Jews for Trump” group also prevents many people who would become anti-Semitic from becoming anti-Semitic. The Jewish hive-mind somehow understands that. I don’t know if the average Jew understands that, but the hive-mind does, and certainly, Jewish academics analyzing the situation do.

Especially with the whole “Christian Zionism” thing dying out with the boomers, a lot of people would easily be convinced to dislike Jews as a group if they realized that Judaism is a conspiracy against white people and against Christianity. However, if you try to explain the Jewish problem to these people, they will go along with it, but then at some point they will say: “Yeah, but I saw these Jews in New York that were supporting Trump! They got gassed, like in the Holocaust! I’m sorry, friend, I can’t go along with your anti-Jew agenda, because I’ve seen good ones. Most of them are probably lefties, but not all.”

That type of person will not be able to understand these high-level concepts being communicated to you here, dear reader. Well, probably not. Maybe it should be “not yet.” Eventually, it is going to become so obvious that the agenda against America is a hostile Jewish agenda that a few Jews saying they support Donald Trump won’t be enough to protect them from general scorn. At that point, the simple-minded will just start labeling Jews who claim to support right-wing causes as “infiltrators.”

That might be the best way to explain this to simple people: try using the word “infiltrators.” That’s a concept that normal, simple people can at least grasp, whereas if you start talking about a “Jewish hive-mind,” you’re going to lose them. “Infiltrators” isn’t untrue, it’s maybe just a simplification, but if you can help people understand by using a simplification, then that’s a good thing.

It is my contention that we need to have a policy in right-wing organizations that everyone must be Christian, period. Further, we could even say “must be born and raised Christian” for any leadership positions. This would prevent Jewish converts from leadership, while allowing them in the rank and file. I’m actually mildly sympathetic to Jewish converts to Christianity, if they renounce the Jewish religion and denounce the Jewish race, but I absolutely do not think they should be allowed in leadership positions.

It should be hard to push this rule. Over the last few years, I have seen a remarkable transformation of the right-wing, where everyone now identifies as Christian, even if they are not especially prone to religiosity. There is comfort and safety in returning to the place of our ancestors.

Again, I will list my proposal for rules for leaders in any new American political organization (specifically, these are the rules I’ve proposed for candidates to unseat sitting Congressmen):

  • No women.
  • Must be 100% on-board with the total MAGA agenda, and sign a pledge.
  • Must sign a pledge to never take money from large corporations or special interests.
  • No non-Christians or people of non-Christian origin – Man must prove he is a Christian, in so much as that is possible, showing his history of faith. If people say that “oh well, someone can convert to Christianity,” just point to Haley as an example of why we need 100% confirmed Christians from Christian families. (Maybe Mormon can count as Christian in Utah – but ONLY in Utah. Whatever you think of Mormonism as a faith, they do profess Jesus as Lord and they are conservative, but they will vote for a fake-ass boomer like Romney if he says he’s Mormon over a ride or die MAGA Protestant or Catholic.)
  • No single men – Preferred married, but if engaged okay, I don’t think we’re trying to judge pre-marital sex here, we’re just trying to judge man-on-man anal. Old divorced men or widowers okay. Anyone suspected of being gay with a beard should be directly confronted – instead of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” we need an “ask and demand a full answer” policy. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is obviously immoral, and it is how you end up with the likes of Matt Gaetz, who is certainly being blackmailed for (allegedly) having gay sex with an underage Cuban twink.
  • No people of non-American origin (that means white people and our own former-slave blacks, no Dinesh D’Souza or Nikki Haley types, ever; as long as you say “no non-Americans,” and allow the blacks, boomers won’t think it’s racist).
  • If black, he can’t be a racial whiner black like Tim Scott, he has to be a truly based black like Jesse Lee Peterson. Candace Owens is okay because she says America should be white and denounces BLM (I don’t think there will be any blacks anyway, unless it is possibly literally Candace Owens, and I would endorse Candace Owens, frankly, if she was running, although I would put the “no women” rule first in my own organization).

I think those rules can apply generally to leadership in any organization.

Frankly, looking forward to the post-Trump era, it is going to be easy to exclude Jews by pointing to Jared Kushner, who is going to be viewed as the single responsible party for everything negative that happened in the White House during Trump’s presidency. In that sense, it’s good having Kushner around, as he will be the last necessary example of why we don’t allow Jews in the right-wing.