New York: Jew Accurately Accused of Spreading Viruses at Toyota Dealership

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

This whole “Chinese Virus” thing seems to at least partially be the Jews trying to deflect blame for the spread of this virus.

Jewish Daily Forward:

A Hasidic man was refused service at a Toyota dealership in New York Monday after being accused of “spreading the virus.”

In several videos and voice notes shared on WhatsApp, the man described making an appointment at Johnstons Toyota, in New Hampton, N.Y., and then being asked to leave without having his car serviced, even as other customers brought their vehicles in.

In an exchange with an employee of the dealership, the man asked why he was being refused service.

“Because you’re spreading the virus,” the employee can be heard saying. “You gotta go.”

“Why am I spreading the virus more than other people?” the Hasidic man asks.

“I don’t know,” the employee says, before asking him again to leave.

Yeah, we don’t know – how about you tell us, Jew?

In a voice recording shared on WhatsApp, the Hasidic man said that he had made an appointment earlier Monday only to have an employee tell him he could not get an appointment because “It’s only you spreading the virus.” The man then asked for the manager, who asked him to leave.

The incident comes as Orthodox Jews have warned that Hasidic Jews are being demonized for not reacting quickly enough to social distancing rules, and are being unfairly targeted for being out of step with efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Well, if they’re doing it, then it’s not “demonization,” is it?

This is the same thing as “it’s anti-Semitism to say ‘Jews control the media,’ even though the media is controlled entirely by people who are Jewish.”

We should be calling this a “Jew Virus.”

It’s always the same story with these rats.