New York: Homeless Coloreds and White Cop Partake in Festive Subway Melee

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2018

This clip brings back memories of the first Resident Evil game.

A bunch of zombies shuffle toward you in a corridor, you’re low on health and ammo…

Good times.

New York Post:

Five vagrants who sparred with an NYPD officer during a wild melee in a Manhattan subway station were released on Monday night without charges.

The five homeless men, who flailed at the officer in a fracas caught on video, were rounded up at the same Chinatown subway station were the altercation occurred.

Three of the drifters were released from NYPD’s Transit District 4 on Monday.

Two others — Juan Nuñez and Eliseo Alvarez Santos — were taken to Manhattan Criminal Court where the District Attorney declined charges.

The 47-second clip of the fracas shows the uniformed police officer yelling at the group to “stand back” on an F-train platform in the East Broadway station on Sunday night.

The cop was brandishing a collapsible police baton and ended up kicking two of the homeless men as they approached him, the video shows.

Two other men try to hold the group back from the cop, but one of the homeless men ducks underneath his arm, loses his footing and tumbles off the platform and onto the train tracks.