New York: Governor to Bring in National Guard, Foreigners After Mass Nursing Walk-Out

I’ve seen anti-vax people in the medical field saying “they can’t just fire all of us” and I’ve consistently replied “actually, they can – they don’t care if people die as a result, and they will just bring in foreigners to replace you.”

New York Post:

New York is prepared to bring in medically-trained National Guard members and federal disaster teams to combat a looming staffing shortage at hospitals and nursing homes if workers don’t meet Monday’s COVID-19 vaccination deadline.

Gov. Hochul announced the contingency plans Saturday and said she was ready to sign an executive order declaring a state of emergency allowing qualified out-of-state workers to be able to practice in New York as well as recent grads and retirees.

Hochul has also said she’s looking to bring in foreign workers to supplement staff. She said Saturday she plans to work with the federal government to expedite visa requests for medical professionals.

Earlier in the week, Hochul announced an agreement to raise overtime pay at three state university-run hospitals, including SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn.

As of Wednesday, 16 percent of all hospital workers statewide were unvaccinated and as of Thursday, 15 percent of nursing home employees had refused to be jabbed, state stats show.

Anyone who does not get at least the first dose of the COVID-19 shot by Monday won’t be able to work and faces possible termination. Former Gov. Cuomo issued the mandate in August before he resigned.

The National Guard is a creative solution.

I imagine it will be a total disaster, but it is creative.

The foreigner workers thing was obvious, and exactly what I said was going to happen.

All you people need to understand: there is no stopping this train.

It is just going to keep on rolling, until it explodes.

By the way, this is Governor Hochul:

Democrat Kathy Hochul, winner of a special election for a House seat in New York.