New York: De Blasio Opens Elementary Schools After Closing Them

I don’t know who’s locking down who anymore!

The Hill:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced his plans to reopen public New York City elementary schools in a reversal from his shutdown of all schools almost two weeks ago. 

The mayor detailed the city’s plans to allow elementary school and pre-K students to return to in-person learning on Dec. 7. Three days later, the city intends to welcome special education students back to in-person instruction, which de Blasio said needs to be “up and running.”

The in-person schooling will only be available to students who opted into at least some form of in-person learning this year, amounting to less than 335,000 children. Under the new plan, the middle and high schools would stay closed.

“Whatever happens ahead we want this to be the plan going forward because we now believe we know what we didn’t know back in the summer,” the mayor said during a press conference.

“We know if you put a heavy emphasis on testing and you continually reinforce those health and safety measures … we know we can keep our schools safe,” he added.

The largest public school district in the country will adjust its testing from monthly to weekly, boost random testing and require all in-person attendees to have consent forms to permit them to be tested or a medical exemption.

The city will also get rid of its 3 percent test positivity threshold that triggers school closures and instead keep track of the number of classrooms and schools that close after multiple COVID-19 case confirmations.

Europe has been doing crazy lockdowns with curfews and rules about whose house you’re allowed to visit and the whole thing, and they let kids go to school.

So maybe you could imagine that de Blasio is following that.

But I doubt it.

This is more about just keeping people from having any kind of stability.

They’re trying to drive people insane.

They’ll close schools again, I assure you. Then they’ll open them again.

It’s the hokey-pokey.