New York Closes Schools as They Go Into Full Lockdown Mode

Starting Thursday, New York City is shutting down its public school system due to the coronavirus, CNN reports. The announcement comes after the scientists who control the city claimed that the city’s 7-day average reached a coronavirus positive test rate of 3%.

Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that his reasoning was that he needed to use “an abundance of caution.”

It’s not clear what he is being cautious about, given that children are at zero risk for developing complications for the mild flu virus. De Blasio also referred to the increase in the flu as “the second wave.” Traditionally, people getting sick in the fall was known as “the start of the flu season.”

Children are more likely to die from homicide, fire and drowning than to die of the coronavirus. However, Governor Andrew Cuomo defended the move while acting like a gangster.

Every student will now be sentenced to Zoom schooling. Zoom schooling has been shown to be anti-social, and does not result in learning.

Bizarrely, the letter from New York City School Chancellor Richard Carranza to families and students says that people will be welcome to come to school between 9 a.m. and noon and pick up free meals, which they can take home and eat. It is unclear why they will not be spreading the virus while picking up meals.

Even in lunatic Europe, where the lockdowns have gone completely insane, students are allowed to attend school as it has been found that this presents only negligible risk, even if you believe everything they say about this virus. It was determined that there was much greater risk in keeping students out of school, given the damage that this does to the students psychologically.

It is totally unclear how families are supposed to deal with children being at home.