New York City’s Subway System has Descended Into Third World Disrepair

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2017

New York City needs to hire six million niggers to fix this!

Here we have another story illustrating how America’s infrastructure has become third world caliber.

Over the past few months there have been all sorts of problems with New York City’s subway system. It’s no longer reliable or even safe.

A few days ago, a subway train derailed resulting in numerous injuries.

Before this train derailment, the system was plagued with all sorts of technical problems. Service delays and cancellations have been frequent. The issues have made getting around the city extremely difficult.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo – who is the brother of the CNN fake news nigger Chris Cuomo – declared a state of emergency as a result of the insanity.

Hours after his declaration, Penn Station which is one of the city’s biggest transportation hubs began having power problems resulting in more delays and cancellations.

Quite the mess to say the least!

They’re actually blaming a lack of funding for the situation which is comical. New York City has extremely high taxes and is home to a bunch of wealthy Wall Street Jews. How much money do they need to maintain a functioning transportation system? It’s not like they’re trying to launch a rocket into space!

While I’m sure there’s corruption and some issues with resource allocation, there is one bigger issue that is causing these problems. That is the racial demographics of New York City itself.

It is pretty much a guarantee that the main reason the system has fallen into disrepair is because you have an increasing number of non-Whites maintaining and managing it. You just don’t see these types of things happen in areas where most of the population is of White European racial stock. It just doesn’t happen. Any problems that do occur are usually fixed in a timely manner. It certainly never gets to this point.

New York City has large Black and Hispanic populations. Each represents roughly around 25 percent of the city’s total population and that’s according to 2010 demographic numbers. It is safe to assume that these numbers are roughly reflective of the racial demographic managing the subway system.

I could be wrong on all of this though. Maybe New York City can fix this by hiring millions of niggers with their “We Wuz Kangz” African magic tricks. That’d sure be something!