New Wolfenstein Ad Encourages Attack on Richard Spencer

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2017

The latest Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ad features an obvious nod to the J-left meme of “Punch a Nazi” that (((media liberals))) promoted after the unprovoked assault against Richard Spencer last January.

So far, trailers for the video game show a scene of a fat woman in a Dirndl having sex with a negro (an attack on Western culture, meant to gaslight), Jewy sexual fantasies about blonde women in Nazi uniforms sadistically torturing them, and a scene where the protagonist guns down two evil Nazis engaged in dialogue about how they think free speech is worth defending.

Publisher Bethesda and developer MachineGames are subsidiaries of ZeniMax Media, which is run by the Jew Robert Altman. Woah bro, it’s just a video game about killing sci-fi nazis, not political at all!  

Well, bugman media hears (((Altman’s))) rat-whistle loud and clear.


Not quite the same angle, but the allusion is pretty clear.

Bleeding Cool:

And of course, the short video accompanying the statement is a shot of the game’s protagonist punching a Nazi soldier in the face. Which does bring up the Nazi Punching debate from earlier this year, after a man punched noted White Supremacist Richard Spencer on camera and the world reacted in a variety of ways. However, things boiled down to the ‘yes, punch Nazis’ and ‘no, Nazis need hugs’ camps. Despite both Warren Ellis and Chris Evans being on the Nazi-punching side, with Captain America writer Nick Spencer being on the opposite end of the spectrum, the video game camp has been pretty clear so far.

Activision and Sledgehammer Games returned the Call of Duty franchise to the Second World War for their 2017 installment, and now we have Wolfenstein II flat out endorsing punching Nazis in the face. It’s nice to have those things cleared up. And really, video games are the ultimate in wish fulfillment, and who doesn’t want to punch literal Nazis in the face?

If you think it’s just full blown National Socialists that Robert Altman is inciting people to punch, think again!

If you voted for Donald Trump, Wolfenstein II says you should be killed by poofy Afro’d black women and blood-matzoh Kabbalah Rabbis (“good guys” in the game) as well.

Imagine someone made a sequel to Red Dawn where one of the protagonists runs over an obese female communist with a Dodge Charger. Would it’s just a movie about killing communists, dude, relax! be accepted by the people defending this crap?

Well, social media communists are energized by the game’s #NoMoreNazis hashtag and ad campaign. They see it as a call to action against a real life person: Richard Spencer. He should seriously consider litigation against ZeniMax Media. A boycott against them is the second best thing. 

A lot of J-left assholes are conformist losers who live vicariously through consumerist culture, e.g., video games, comic books and movies. But this is a dangerous escalation by the LARPers.

They saw in Charlottesville that real world nationalists are not easy-mode AI in a participation trophy scripted shoot-em-up. That’s why so-called radical communists and anarchists ran to hide behind the Charlottesville “police” Dunkin’ Donuts Antifa, the corporate media and Mitt Romney when they tried to attack and were smashed in self-defense (paging Deandre Harris).

By all means, keep trying to punch people for having politics you don’t like. What happens when you get punched back and your health bar dwindles? Will Robert Altman be standing by to give you a green mushroom? Ha!

Head to twitter and work their hashtag #NoMoreNazis