New Victoria Law Would Allow for the Arrest of People Who are Thinking About Violating Quarantine

Australia now has the most extreme police state that has ever existed in all of human history.

That having been said: in 2020, every Western country has a more extreme police state than has ever existed in human history. It’s just that Australia’s is the most extreme.


A proposal allowing police to preemptively lock up those they believe “might” violate coronavirus lockdown measures has gone before the Victoria state parliament, with many fearing it opens the door to unprecedented abuses.

If passed, the law would allow police to indefinitely detain any Victoria resident who either tests positive for Covid-19 or is a close contact of someone who has, as long as the officer believes they are “likely to refuse or fail to comply” with quarantine regulations. The state’s parliament began hearings on Thursday but has not issued a public decision as of Friday.

Even more ominously, the law would allow the state’s departmental secretary to appoint any public servant they consider “appropriate” to also exercise the new pre-crime detention powers, based solely on the secretary’s personal judgment.

The legislation extends many of Victoria’s emergency provisions until next April, meaning the police (and their newly appointed civilian cronies) would retain their “pre-crime” powers even if the pandemic used to justify them is long gone.

Mentally ill, drug-addicted, or homeless Victoria residents can also be confined in hotels for two weeks as a precaution under the proposed law. Several news reports suggest the bill will allow police to preemptively detain “conspiracy theorists” – and while that term is not actually spelled out in the text itself, “wrongthink” social media postings have already been used by Victoria police as a rationale for detaining otherwise-innocent Australians.

Pregnant mother-of-two Zoe Lee Buhler was arrested in her home earlier this month for “incitement” after she posted on Facebook about a protest in the small town of Ballarat, despite specifying the demonstration would be nonviolent and adhere to all mask-wearing and social distancing regulations. Video of her arrest, which went viral, shows her pleading with cops to be allowed to delete the post rather than be hauled off in cuffs in front of her two young children.

While Buhler has demanded an apology from Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, he defended his officers’ actions, while admitting he hadn’t actually seen the video of her arrest. Protests across the state have grown in number despite heavy-handed police repression, with Andrews’ political opposition emboldened by the uprising of anti-lockdown sentiment.

Victoria’s lockdown is already the most intense outside the measures imposed in Wuhan, China in the early days of the pandemic. Police have been given permission to enter homes without a warrant, and Melbourne residents are under a strict curfew.

I know everyone keeps thinking: “surely, we are getting close to the point where people will say enough is enough.”

But no.

That will not ever happen.

As we have seen, people will go along with absolutely anything.

The entire theory that “once things get bad enough, people will rise up” was always stupid, and always designed to make moronic right-wingers think that losing is good. But at this point, it has been disproved right in front of all of us. People are tolerating literally anything.

As I said:

Listen: later this afternoon, Anthony Fauci could come out and say:

Oh well, jeez, I’ve seen research now that shows that the coronavirus can be transmitted through farts. I think that people who want to be on the safe side should be wearing buttplugs, because we have to stop the spread and right now we’re just not there yet.

Some people might be thinking, “okay, well, I don’t fart very much, I can hold it in if I’m in a crowd of people, I’m not going to infect anyone.” Well, those people need to think about their own safety. If they’re not wearing a buttplug, someone around them could fart, and they could end up sucking someone else’s fart into their own anus, and getting infected that way. We have studies now that show if you’re not wearing a buttplug, you can suck someone else’s fart into your anus.

This virus is so deadly, we just have to follow the science, and right now, the science is clear that if we want to be safe, people need to start wearing buttplugs.

No one can argue that people wouldn’t wear the buttplugs.

People will do literally anything the governments says.

We have to start focusing on system-based solutions to our problems.

We also have to start getting ready for the ultimate hell.