New US Ambassador to Germany has Great Views on Things

I wish we could have awesome people like this in every position in the Trump administration.

Business Insider:

President Donald Trump’s pick for US ambassador to Germany has accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of prioritizing “unwanted Muslim invaders” over military spending and has said Muslim migrants want to turn Europe “into an Islamic state.”

The White House on July 27 announced that Douglas Macgregor, a retired Army tank commander, was Trump’s nominee to succeed Richard Grenell as the US ambassador to the European Union’s largest economy, saying he is “widely recognized as an expert on force design and grand strategy.”

Macgregor, a frequent guest on Fox News, has accused both Germany and the EU’s immigration policies of being too welcoming to Muslim migrants, claiming that they have “the goal of eventually turning Europe into an Islamic state.”

In a series of comments unearthed by CNN, Macgregor in 2018 attacked Merkel’s decision to welcome hundreds of thousands of refugees to Germany during the migrant crisis, claiming she was “more concerned about providing free services to millions of unwanted Muslim invaders, to be blunt, than it does about its own armed forces in the defense of its country.”

He told a podcast that Germany was “spending money, but they have practically no armed forces, their army, their air force, both are terribly demoralized.”

In 2015, Macgregor complained that the EU was providing what he called “very luxurious and extremely expensive welfare” to Muslim refugees during the migrant crisis and said “these people are not coming to assimilate or become Europeans — quite the opposite. They’re coming to take over whatever they can get.”

Similarly, in 2016, he said Muslim migrants were “not coming to assimilate and become part of Europe” but rather were “coming to benefit to consume and to establish themselves inside other people’s countries with the goal of eventually turning Europe into an Islamic state.”

“That’s a bad thing for the West,” he continued. “It’s a bad thing for Europeans.”

Macgregor is an enthusiastic supporter of Trump’s move to withdraw thousands of troops from Germany.

In 2018, he told a podcast that the US should “make it clear” to Germany that “we are not going to be the first responder” and said “the Germans, like the Koreans and the Japanese, are tired of this American troop presence on their soil,” calling for a “change our relationship with Germany in terms of military power.”

A year later he told Fox News: “We will continue to be allied and we will support, but we’re not going to rush hundreds of thousands of troops to the Polish border to deal with the Russians.

“The Germans, thanks to us, don’t feel obligated to defend themselves. And the president has simply said, ‘Look, why should the American taxpayer defend you if you aren’t willing to defend yourself?'”

Macgregor has not responded to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Maybe Trump is signaling that if we reelected him, he will put based people like this in every position…?