New Unemployment at 41 Million

People should have listened to me but they didn’t.

Now the masses are distracted by this big dumb stupid event in Minneapolis, orchestrated by Ilhan Omar and the city’s Jewish mayor, and no one is paying attention to the actual events that are happening in real life.

We’re now at about 20% unemployment by official numbers, which are totally wrong.


The coronavirus crisis threw at least 2.1 million Americans out of work last week despite the gradual reopening of businesses around the country, stoking fears Thursday that the scourge is doing deep and potentially long-lasting damage to the U.S. economy.

Despite a few glimmers of hope, most of the latest economic news from around the globe was likewise grim, as some of the world’s most populous countries reported rising infections and deaths. The confirmed U.S. death toll has surpassed 100,000, the highest in the world.

The latest job-loss figures from the U.S. Labor Department bring to 41 million the running total of Americans who have filed for unemployment benefits since the coronavirus shutdowns took hold in mid-March.

There were some encouraging signs: The overall number of Americans currently drawing jobless benefits dropped for the first time since the crisis began, from 25 million to 21 million. And first-time applications for unemployment benefits have fallen for eight straight weeks, as states gradually let stores, restaurants and other businesses reopen and the auto industry starts up factories again.

But the number of U.S. workers filing for unemployment benefits is still extraordinarily high by historical standards, and that suggests businesses are failing or permanently downsizing, not just laying off people until the crisis can pass, economists warn.

“That is the kind of economic destruction you cannot quickly put back in the bottle,” said Adam Ozimek, chief economist at Upwork.

This is all still just in the “run-up” phase. Once people start to see the actual damage done, and the fact that no business will remain viable other than the big-box stores, we’re going to see a whole lot more layoffs. We haven’t even reached the halfway point yet.

We will hit 50% unemployment by the end of summer. Then they’re going to do a second lockdown.

This is total free fall collapse into complete poverty.

But hey, watch these black people burn down a police station, goyim.