New Trend: Black Bastards Kicking Cats, Posting Videos Online

Daily Stormer
September 20, 2016


In the third Reich, animal abuse was punished with a trip to a concentration camp. I wouldn’t be so lenient.

The Black man’s favorite past time, as always, is to find new ways to make it harder for us to justify his existence.

This time, by not only behaving with blood curdling cruelty towards nature’s most beautiful creature, but by filming it and showing it to the world.

Wew, lad.

Maybe once they realize most White people value a cat’s life more than a Negro’s, they’ll reconsider.

Probably not.

The Sun:

This sickening footage shows callous thugs bending down to stroke two cats in the street – before violently kicking them into the air.

The video clips, which were posted on Facebook by Tyrese Collins, from Catford, south-east London, have sparked outrage among viewers.

In one of the the clips, a young man in a hoodie is seen slowly approaching a cat, while attempting to lure it towards him with his hand.

Moments later, he suddenly straightens his back and boots the unsuspecting feline down the street, sending it spinning through the air.

In the other video, another young male is seen stroking another cat beside a blue car, before brutally kicking it as it starts to walk away.

Republic Broadcasting Network:

Here’s a picture of Tyrese Collins, who uploaded the videos:


Looks like a good boy. Probably about to get his life on track.

Apparently, he’s a “rapper.”

It’s not clear if he was in the videos or if he originally filmed them.

Regardless, he apparently found them entertaining.

A search on YouTube shows awfully similar videos of other thugs doing the same:

Keep on doing this stuff, Tyrone.

Go on.

Some day – soon – you’ll have Whites kicking blacks in the street, and posting the video on youtube. And everyone will find it just hilarious.

Well, maybe not everyone. But every white person, that’s for sure.

Maybe we can use this to get the childless cat ladies to start doing something “productive,” lol.