New Swede Slapped on Wrist, Given Probation After Torching 18 Cars

This is just the extremely Swedish version of what is happening in America with these Burn, Loot, Murder riots, where they don’t even arrest these people, and if they arrest them, they quickly turn them loose.

If you think it is brown people and not the system who are the real threat, you will have to explain to me how it is that brown people were able to defeat the system.


A young man has been convicted and sentenced to “protective supervision” after setting several fires that led to the destruction or damage of 21 vehicles.

The incidents of arson took place on the night of February 11th earlier this year in the city of Gävle and saw the teen set fires in six different areas across the city. The teen was arrested a short time after the arson attacks but initially denied any involvement with them.

A Swedish court found that the 18-year-old was the only person behind the fires after examining both testimony and forensic evidence that was gathered at the various crime scenes, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Due to the fact that the perpetrator was 17 at the time of his crimes, he received a far lesser punishment than the already short one-year sentence recommended for adult offenders.

Indeed, the court gave a sentence less than the recommended four-month term for juvenile convicts and gave him protective supervision, with certain regulations regarding drug-withdrawal treatment.

To put this in perspective – there are third world cities that have a serious problem with stray dogs, which results in a few people per year getting mauled to death.

It is, of course, totally unfair to compare third world brown people to dogs. Dogs are much less violent and destructive, and unlike brown people, they are generally respectful and can be educated.

But the point here is that this is a problem that is easily solved by men with guns – animal control, or whatever you would want to call the other thing. I personally have long advocated that urban police just rebrand themselves as “negro catchers” and start using tranquilizer rifles, nets, and fried chicken traps.

It would be trivial to solve this problem, if the system wanted to.

It doesn’t, and it prevents other people from solving it. In fact, this problem used to be solved, and then the system intentionally broke it by busing brown children into your community schools to bully the less aggressive white children and sell them drugs.

Yes, I understand why some of you may personally dislike these violent third world primitives. I believe that I have expressed that opinion here myself, repeatedly. I also don’t like packs of stray dogs. But, really, both are just a force of nature. On their own, they are nothing more than a nuisance.

The problem is the system.