“New Strain” Threatens to Bring Down Canada

As predicted, this “new strain” stuff is never going to end.

There isn’t any evidence for it, but every flu virus develops new strains.

Remember, that influenza was not eradicated, despite mass vaccination.

This is never going to get less stupid than it is right now.

CBC News:

A top doctor on Ontario’s COVID-19 scientific advisory committee says the province could face up to 40,000 new cases each day by the end of February if a virus variant that originated in the U.K. takes hold.

Dr. Peter Jüni told CBC’s The House in an interview airing Saturday that caseloads could double unless people take the current lockdown seriously and stay at home.

“We could end up in this situation where we have, you know, [30,000] to 40,000 cases a day easily” because the variant is so much more infectious than the original strain, he said.

Ontario imposed a second state of emergency this week and ordered the shutdown. That decision came three weeks after Jüni’s scientific advisory group released a report that said earlier efforts to slow the pandemic’s spread were not working.

“You know, somebody told me that I actually didn’t sound as calming as I typically would be, that I was relatively alarming,” Jüni told CBC News.

This is time to really sound the alarm.

Everyone is dying everywhere.

The bodies are piling up in the streets.

It’s all happening, it’s all real.

‘Everybody will need to help now’

To be really clear here, this is the single most scary thing I’ve seen as an epidemiologist since the beginning of the pandemic. We need to be very careful. And everybody — I just need to repeat that, I sound like a broken record — everybody will need to help now. We can’t be complacent here.

Jüni’s warning is more pessimistic than earlier national modelling released this week by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), which suggests that the number of daily COVID-19 cases could more than triple to 30,000 if people increase their contacts during a time of widespread community transmission.

That report also projects that if Canadians simply maintain their current levels of contact with people outside their households, case counts will still rise to roughly 13,000 a day from 7,900 now.

The new variant alarming Jüni isn’t the only new strain now in Canada. This week, British Columbia detected a single case of another mutation of the virus that originated in South Africa. The province also has confirmed a handful of cases of the new strain linked to the U.K.

Double the strains mean double the death.

Everyone is going to die.

Coronavirus is the John Wick of viruses.