New Stormer Tradition: Punishing the British for Losing the War

I commissioned this painting of myself partying on July 4th and it’s already finished because of all these technologies.

Americans might not know this, but less than half the readership of Hoax Watch is American.

Traditionally, I wake up at ungodly hours in order to get morning news up for Europe and the UK.

On July 4, I had a special BBQ (July 4 is also Nigerian Independence Day). I had a lot of burgers and a lot of spirits, and ended up, you know – partying out with the fam-fam gang-gang.

I said: “I’m just gonna stay up all night so I can make some posts for those British.” Then I said “okay, I’ll just sleep one hour and tell the yard staff to wake me up.” Then, however, I woke up many hours later, and the yard staff claimed I had abused them during my wakeup call – an event which I did not recall.

So, the posts were late. The British did not get posts until the afternoon.

Then I thought to myself: well, it’s fitting that the British would not get posts because I was celebrating winning a war against them.

From henceforth: I will always get sloshed on the Fourth of July, and on the Fifth of July, the British will have to wait until early afternoon to get their news, as revenge for losing that war.

Nah, Brits are great.

That war wasn’t a hoax, per se, but it was kinda something where the British backed off pretty soon after some sense was talked into old George and they realized that like, trading with us was worth more than the taxes anyway.

They say George was insane, but what I think they mean to say is “faggy.”

Hot take: the American Revolution was Oliver Cromwell’s fault.

By the way: have you seen this quote from Ben Franklin?

Clearly, the fed government that is occupying all the states – including OHIO – is doing a lot worse than messing with our money, but they obviously are messing with our money. They’ve inflated it to the max and forced the people to monetize real estate, which means no one can afford a house, among other dastardly, despicable and infamous financial crimes.

If Ben Franklin were alive today, he would without question be a Bitcoin maxi and admitting that to the intelligent people while spreading retarded QAnon rumors on Facebook to try to agitate the peasants into revolt against the feds because he knows they’re too stupid to understand Bitcoin.

Anyway, yeah – all my euro bros – we love ya.

But probably, it should be noted that I do this.

No other American website (other than obviously the huge ones like CNN or whatever) makes a point to have news ready for the European morning, and I’ve skipped many an hour of sleep for this purpose.

Just reminding everyone to give credit.

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