New ‘Slave Rebel’ Movie to Inspire Blacks to Kill Whites

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2016

Get used to this subhuman face, not only will it win every Oscar, but the character it plays will soon be all over your money

The evil Jew has a developed a new tool in its arsenal against Whites. Where once the dumb goyim were beaten over the head with fifty Holohoax films a year, now they will have to try and withstand the onslaught of slave films.

Yep, just as a black Jew Oscars’ board head helped to fabricate a controversy about supposed lack of black privilege, now a new film will be assured to win every Oscar and Whites will be murdered by self-righteous blacks high on drugs and Jew propaganda. It is the age of black privilege, and myths about White privilege must hide this fact.

The Daily Mail, which is as degraded as the topics it spews out, reports:

The movie about his life just got the biggest ever deal at the Sundance Film Festival.

But Nat Turner was a violent mass murderer who butchered entire families, according to his own purported account of his slave rebellion.

The Confessions of Nat Turner describes how one of the most successful and sustained slave rebellions in American history was a bloody slaughter that left 55 white people dead.

The account, which Turner supposedly gave to his lawyer after being arrested, tells how over two days they went from house to house murdering every white person they could find.

Among their victims were a family of five they killed in a home invasion, 10 children they slaughtered at their school and a newborn baby who they returned to butcher after murdering his family.

The rebels also forced one wife to look at her husband’s mangled dead body before they shot her in the head as they sought to ‘gratify our thirst for blood’.

Black Lives Matter means every black winning an Oscar, regardless of whether they appear in a movie
Black Lives Matter means every black winning an Oscar, regardless of whether they appear in a movie

And so the swansong of ‘civil rights’ which is supposedly about ‘equality’ never was anyway, it was always a Jewish mantra. That means ‘bloody revenge’ as the sick Jew celebrates such massacres as holy rituals, whereas the black just celebrates BY slaughtering. Funny, since the Jews were the eminent slave traders, but hey! Anyway, we can’t really complain since the material described here in the movie is just a daily reality for most White Americans.

After the rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia in August 1831 was finally suppressed some 60 blacks accused of being co-conspirators were executed.

Turner was hanged after avoiding capture for two months and white militias killed around 200 blacks in revenge attacks even though they had nothing to do with the rebellion.

The Confessions is controversial among historians and some have argued that it could have been written by Thomas Gray, Turner’s lawyer, who wanted to cash in on the public interest in the case.

But it cuts to the heart of the debate about Turner and shows how he is a morally ambiguous character whose legacy is still being debated today.

His slave rebellion is the subject of the film Birth of a Nation for which Fox Searchlight has paid $17.5 million for the global rights, the biggest deal in Sundance history.

The film has been lauded by critics and the deal comes at a time when Hollywood is under intense pressure over its lack of minorities in the Academy.

All along this anti-White garbage was being slated as yet another way to drive the simian Negro’s sweaty head deeper into Whitey’s face. Because this is about extermination of the White race, but they want it clean and orderly so Whites must be cucked and ideologically in concert with their demise. For if they were not, then the whole notion that there are such things as ‘oppressed minorities’ would be contested not just in debate, but with powder and steel. Being just eight-percent of the global population does, in fact, make Whites the minority; yet that figure has to bear the hideous weight of subhuman races and cultures which are, like cockroaches, encouraged to fester and thrive. From now on the goyim will see only blacks, and will know only black lives and their feels.

Movies are yet another White invention lost to the enemy
Movies are yet another White invention lost to the enemy

Birth of a Nation is directed by and stars African American actor and producer Nate Parker, best known for appearing in the Liam Neeson thriller Non Stop.

It tells the story of Turner’s life, starting with how he was born in October 2, 1800 on a plantation in Southampton County.

Unlike many slaves he had learned how to read and write after one of his masters allowed him to be educated.

Turner became known as ‘Prophet Nat’ and was revered by other slaves and served as their pastor because of his deep Christian faith which he said gave him visions from God.

In February 1831, Turner thought that his visions were telling him to rebel against his master and after seeing an eclipse he carried it out on August 21, 1831.

The Confessions is unflinching in its portrait of the terror that the rebellion brought to the citizens of Southampton County.

It says that their first target was Turner’s master’s house which they got into by climbing up a ladder and going through a window, where they stole his guns.

The Confessions says that at that point Turner realized that ‘I must spill the first blood’.

The Confessions says: ‘Armed with a hatchet, and accompanied by (co-conspirator) Will, I entered my master’s chamber, it being dark, I could not give a death blow, the hatchet glanced from his head, he sprang from the bed and called his wife, it was his last word.

‘Will laid him dead, with a blow of his axe, and Mrs. Travis shared the same fate, as she lay in bed.

‘The murder of this family, five in number, was the work of a moment, not one of them awoke; there was a little infant sleeping in a cradle, that was forgotten, until we had left the house and gone some distance, when Henry and Will returned and killed it’.

Another black rebel that you can smell all the way outside the cinema... and it's a kosher smell
Another black rebel that you can smell all the way outside the cinema… and it’s a kosher smell

But this will go beyond the simple declaration of Hollywood as officially black, and will become enforced propaganda for the nation’s youth. Possibly the film was funded with drug money from the Crips, but we can only speculate there, as its content alone is like a daily trip through the psychotic reality of the savage and entitled black as it contributes to the decay of urban America and the downfall of civilisation all based on its apelike ‘feels’.

Even before being made the subject of the film, Turner’s life has had a widespread impact on popular culture.

He has been referred to by rappers the Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots and Public Enemy as well as Tupac Shaker.

In 1967 novelist John Styron wrote his own ‘Confessions of Nat Turner’ which was was a controversial version of the story based on Turner’s own supposed confession.

Released at the height of the civil rights era, it won the Pulitzer Prize but was criticized because Styron is white and he made out Turner to be a ‘psychopathic monster’ who was obsessed with sexually assaulting white women.

In response a group of black writers published a book a year later called ‘The Second Crucifixion of Nat Turner’

Birth of a Nation is already being compared to 12 Years a Slave, the biopic of Solomon Northup, a free man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery for 12 years in 1841 before being freed.

The film, directed by Steve McQueen, won three Oscars and took in $187 million at the box office having cost just $22 million to make.

So not only do you have the black version of the Holocaust industry fully formed now, and a propaganda cudgel to beat White kids with (who will very soon not be entitled to an education), but a new national hero to replace all those statues of evil White men they will be tearing down. Yes, there will be statues of this mentally-ill black mass murderer everywhere and Whites will be beaten by crowds of blacks if they do not genuflect at them.

Then again, Donald Trump is going to be the next prez so this will all end up Black Panther porn for the consolation of a bunch of thwarted Negro killers.

Hail victory, hail The Donald!

    Relax! The Donald has made it cool to be White again
Relax! The Donald has made it cool to be White again