New SJW Meme: Outlaw “Fattism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2015

Not okay!  Send them to a camp!
Not okay! Send them to a camp!

The ongoing problem of liberalism is that it must have something to liberate or it loses all of its momentum. And with fagottry, Islam, Negroism, trannyism and so on now being accepted by mainstream society, they are constantly on the look-out for more oppressed people to liberate.

The newest meme is to liberate fat people by making it illegal to mock their sickening misshapen forms.

Yes. British “experts” are now calling for such legislation.


Dr Sarah Jackson suggested laws banning discrimination based on age, sex or race should be extended to cover people who were overweight.

Researchers behind a landmark study into weight discrimination found those who were subjected to jibes about their size were dramatically more likely to suffer from depression.

The renowned psychologist made the claim following two studies into the links between weight discrimination and quality of life.

Researchers argued that poking fun at fat people was often seen as socially acceptable, but the ‘fattist’ taunts led to a drop in quality of life.

Well, obviously they are more likely to suffer from depression when they are being mocked. It is depressing to be mocked. But that depression serves a definite purpose – to push them to lose the weight. And that is why people mock them in the first place – because being fat is anti-social. The natural reaction to anti-social behavior by the whole of society is to shame the person engaging in the anti-social behavior, so that they will correct the behavior and by doing so improve the health of the society.

The study of more than 5,000 people by University College London calls for a major rethink of how fat people are treated in the UK.

In the survey, participants were asked how often they encounter discrimination in their daily lives, including being threatened or harassed.

Some said they experienced abuse almost every day, although researchers said the vast majority rarely or never experienced discrimination.

Wow the majority never experience it, but somehow it is still a major issue?


“Weight bias has been documented not only among the general public but also among health professionals; and many obese patients report being treated disrespectfully by doctors because of their weight.

“Everyone, including doctors, should stop blaming and shaming people for their weight, and offer support, and where appropriate, treatment.”

“Weight bias”??? These people have a serious behavioral problem, which they need to correct. It may, in some larger sense, be the fault of society – in particular the promotion of unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle – but nonetheless it is up to these fat persons to fix the issue.

Accepting fatties is not going to fix the problem. It will simply make more fatties as people begin to view obesity as a “lifestyle choice” rather than a clinical problem.

"The Illuminati globalist Nazis injected me with a vaccine virus that makes me incapable of resisting carbs!"
“The Illuminati globalist Nazis injected me with a vaccine virus that makes me incapable of resisting carbs!”

At least the Mirror interviewed someone who was willing to inject a bit of reality into the situation.

But outspoken hypnotherapist Steve Miller has rejected the findings.

Speaking to, he said political correctness around obesity was making people fatter.

“Of course I do not advocate bullying fat people, but letting them know they are dangerously fat and giving them some constructive fat shaming if needed is an absolute must if we are to slim people down.

“The truth hurts but it can also save lives. We need to tackle fat head on and trust me, no-one loves a fat person like I do.

“Fat people can do something about their weight, they may hide behind excuses but they’re more than capable of changing their lifestyles to shed the pounds.”


Instead of making mocking fat people illegal, we should make fat people illegal. These people should be given a program by the government, explaining how much weight they are required to lose in a certain time-frame, and then if they don’t do it they should be forced into a concentration camp where they diet is regulated by the state and they must do hard labor until they slim down.

This type of fatness should be legal.
This type of fatness should be legal.  But not encouraged.

But if we encouraged social shaming of the fat, we wouldn’t even need the camps.  If everyone were to yell at these people on the streets, they would shape-up with rapid speed.

Fatness is an individual problem, but at the same time having all of these fatties moving among us drags down the general level of our society as a whole. People have a responsibility to society to not look horrible and disgusting.

Also, the government obviously needs to regulate the food industry.  Seriously.