New Sex Ed for 11-Year-Olds Uses Rotherham Rapists as Model for Male Behavior

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2014

And dont forget that all the boys in your class are just looking for ways to rape you.

The man-hating feminist in charge of education for Britain has actually managed to turn the Rotherham scandal into something that can be used to attack the White man. The ’End Violence Against Women Coalition’ have pressured her into signing-off on a new sex education initiative that explicitly frames ALL men as behaving like the non-White perverts. It makes no distinction between White and non-White, despite the fact that every one of the Rotherham victims was White and every one of the rapists was Non-White.

This new resource for schools also tells the impressionable young girls that ‘gender inequality is the norm’ in British society and that the girls should expect to be pressured into sex and then shamed afterwards. This is disgusting on so many levels. White men do not behave like those filthy Pakistani animals, and now our children are to be taught that we do, in the interests of equality. The students are also  going to be taught about the wonders of genital mutilation and online porn from the age of 11.

Feminists should not be allowed anywhere near young minds and Non-Whites should not even be in our countries, let alone be used as the model for male behavior in them.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has endorsed a sex education resource for schools designed to teach girls that White men are just as much of a rape risk as Blacks and Non-Whites. Because it would be racist to say anything different.

Daily Mail:

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has endorsed a controversial sex education resource for schools which includes information about rape, domestic violence, pornography, female genital mutilation and online sex abuse.

She has put her name to a document produced by a group of activists, the End Violence Against Women Coalition, which they say is designed to ‘fill gaps’ in sex and relationship education.

The sheet says it intends to help teachers confront ‘harmful attitudes in boys and young men’ before they become adults.

But parent groups have raised concerns that Mrs Morgan – who was appointed Education Secretary in July – is encouraging changes to the sex education curriculum ‘by the back door’.

Margaret Morrissey from campaign group Parents Outloud warned of the dangers of ‘hugely aggressive feminist groups’ setting the agenda in schools.

She said: ‘I’m amazed that the Department for Education are supporting this.’

She added there was a risk of handing ‘extremely explicit information’ to young people and it should be for parents to address sensitive issues. ‘You are putting a lot of information into young heads about things they may not even have thought of,’ she said.

‘This new Education Secretary… needs to think very hard about what she is putting her name to.’

The factsheet was published this week by the EVAWC and is thought to be aimed at secondary schools in particular, meaning it could be used for 11-year-olds. However there is no mention of it on the Department for Education website.

In an apparent reference to sex abuse scandals in Rotherham and elsewhere, Mrs Morgan said ‘recent events’ showed it was ‘crucial’ to teach young people about the abuse faced by women and girls.

‘Good quality relationship education which teaches the importance of respect and mutual consent should be at the heart of this,’ she said.

‘The new factsheet from the EVAWC helps to highlight the importance of this issue to teachers.’

The document contains highly politicised and contentious statements such as ‘gender inequality is the norm’ in Britain, and that ‘women …are simultaneously pressured into and shamed for sexual activity’.

The factsheet also covers abuse in teenage relationships and the dangers of uploading explicit pictures online. In the section on rape it condemns ‘sexually harmful attitudes and behaviours of men and boys’.

Announcing the sheet’s publication, director of EVAWC Holly Dustin said: ‘Savile, Rotherham and other abuse scandals have begun to expose the scale of abuse that children, especially girls, experience. Our new factsheet gives teachers the basics.’

The difference between Saville and Rotherham is that Saville was one sick psychopath on his own, whereas Rotherham was about an entire ethnic group covering up for and encouraging the rape of White children. The two just cannot be compared, Saville is not representative of all White men, but the Pakistani rapists are representative of all Pakistanis, as they always do the same wherever they happen to be.

Parent groups have raised concerns that Mrs Morgan is encouraging changes to the sex education curriculum ‘by the back door.’