New Russian Conspiracy in France: Le Pen Challenger Claims to be a Victim of Fake News

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2017

When you start to lose, blame Russia.

This is the core philosophy of Western establishment politicians.

And in Europe, you can still use the term “fake news” without being called fake news for calling people fake news.

Because Europe has no Donald Trump. May God have mercy on them.


French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is a “fake news” target of Russian media and his campaign is facing thousands of cyber attacks, his party chief said on Monday.

Richard Ferrand, secretary-general of Macron’s En Marche! (Onwards!) party, said that Russian state-controlled media Russia Today and Sputnik had spread false reports with the aim of swinging public opinion against Macron.

An independent centrist, Macron has surged in campaigning for the French election and opinion polls make him favorite to win election in May.

Basically, he’s the last man standing against Our Lady.

That’s what we’re going to start calling Madam Le Pen – “Our Lady.”

I’m not going to criticize her anymore. She’s getting better, even. She’s going to ban the sickening Jew yarmulke (yar-MA-luke).

Ferrand said that Macron, as a staunch pro-European, was a Russian target because he wanted a strong united Europe that had a major role to play in world affairs, including in the face of Moscow.

Sputnik earlier this month ran an interview with a conservative French lawmaker accusing Macron, a former investment banker, of being an agent of “the big American banking system”, a report that was in turn picked up by Russia Today.

“Two big media outlets belonging to the Russian state Russia Today and Sputnik spread fake news on a daily basis, and then they are picked up, quoted and influence the democratic (process),” Ferrand said.

This isn’t fake news. It’s news that the French establishment doesn’t want people to hear.

It’s right on Macron’s Wikipedia page that he made millions as an investment banker brokering a deal between Nestle and Pfizer – while working for Rothschild & Cie Banque. The English Wikipedia article cites this French-English site, an article written by a non-Russian Jew.

This is not something that Russian trolls just invented.

Russian newspaper Izvestia has also reported comments from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who said his organization had “interesting information” about Macron, who opinion polls say would easily beat far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a May 7 runoff.

Not when Assange drops the BOMB he won’t.

Plus, the polls are probably fake.

For anyone who believes mainstream media polls at this point – I gotta pair of tickets to Hamilton I wanna sell ya.

In addition, Ferrand said the Macron campaign was being hit by “hundreds if not thousands” of attacks probing the campaign’s computer systems from locations inside Russia.

Calling for government action to prevent foreign meddling in the election campaigning, Ferrand said: “What we want is for authorities at the highest level to take the matter in hand to guarantee that there is no foreign meddling in our democracy. The Americans saw it but it came to late.

This is crazy.

Just recycle the exact same hoax they just used.

How about proof of Russian attacks?


No Proof?

That’s also familiar…