New Discovery Shows Pre-Human Hominids in Europe Before Africa

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2017

Well, as it turns out, we’re not actually all from Africa, as we’ve been told.

There was never actually any real evidence for that theory, so it isn’t surprising to see it debunked.

Keep in mind that these dates are almost arbitrarily assigned. It isn’t literally arbitrary, but the means of determining age on fossils is very dubious.

The Telegraph:

The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa.

Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five million years before venturing further afield.

But two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago.

The discovery of the creature, named Graecopithecus freybergi, and nicknameded ‘El Graeco’ by scientists, proves our ancestors were already starting to evolve in Europe 200,000 years before the earliest African hominid.

Aninternational team of researchers say the findings entirely change the beginning of human history and place the last common ancestor of both chimpanzees and humans – the so-called Missing Link – in the Mediterranean region.

At that time climate change had turned Eastern Europe into an open savannah which forced apes to find new food sources, sparking a shift towards bipedalism, the researchers believe.

“This study changes the ideas related to the knowledge about the time and the place of the first steps of the humankind,” said Professor Nikolai Spassov from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

“Graecopithecus is not an ape. He is a member of the tribe of hominins and the direct ancestor of homo.

“The food of the Graecopithecus was related to the rather dry and hard savannah vegetation, unlike that of the recent great apes which are leaving in forests.  Therefore, like humans, he has wide molars and thick enamel.

“To some extent this is a newly discovered missing link. But missing links will always exist , because evolution is infinite chain of subsequent forms. Probably El Graeco’s face will resemble a great ape, with shorter canines.”

The team analysed the two known specimens of Graecopithecus freybergi: a lower jaw from Greece and an upper premolar tooth from Bulgaria.

The lower jaw, has additional dental root features, suggesting that the species was a hominid.

The species was also found to be several hundred thousand years older than the oldest African hominid, Sahelanthropus tchadensis which was found in Chad.

“We were surprised by our results, as pre-humans were previously known only from sub-Saharan Africa,” said doctoral student Jochen Fuss, a Tübingen PhD student who conducted this part of the study.

Professor David Begun, a University of Toronto paleoanthropologist and co-author of this study, added: “This dating allows us to move the human-chimpanzee split into the Mediterranean area.”

During the period the Mediterranean Sea went through frequent periods of drying up completely, forming a land bridge between Europe and Africa and allowing apes and early hominids to pass between the continents.

…Professor Böhme added: “Our findings may eventually change our ideas about the origin of humanity. I personally don’t think that the descendants of Graecopithecus die out, they may have spread to Africa later. The split of chimps and humans was a single event. Our data support the view that this split was happening in the eastern Mediterranean – not in Africa.

If accepted, this theory will indeed alter the very beginning of human history.”

…The new research was published in the journal PLOS One.

The “Out of Africa” theory was always a politicized theory that was supported not by evidence, but the lack thereof.

This is what Jews actually believe.

The ideological purpose was to claim that basically, white people are just Negroes who have lighter skin because during the Ice Age, they were wearing more clothing and thus needed lighter skin to absorb more Vitamin D.

So, the reasoning behind the theory is that we are all very close together, genetically, so there isn’t really any problem with mixing us all together, and pretty much, race is a social construct.

Much damage to evolutionary research was done by the Jew Stephen Jay Gould, who argued in favor of the idea of rapid evolution. He also made much damage to the field of sociobiology, literally arguing that evolution has no role in human behavior.

Stephen Jay Gould: You can trust him, goyim. He’s God’s chosen people.

With this new discovery of prehumans in Europe, they are dating the European fossil as older, but we would basically end up with the same conclusions with regards to rapid evolution and thus “race not existing.” So I don’t see anything for racists to get all excited about, with the way it is currently being presented.

However, it does lead to the possibility of a much more useful interpretation: that Whites and Negroids diverged a very, very long time ago, and evolved separately from different kinds of prehistoric erect hominids.

That is what most likely happened.

Multiregional Origin Hypothesis

A good Wikipedia page to read, for those interested in such things, is the one on “Multiregional origin of modern humans.” This theory postulates that Africans, Asians, Europeans and Aboriginal Australians all evolved completely separately from different hominidae (although by all appearances, Abos remained an archaic hominid).

This at least makes more sense. Though I don’t think we necessarily would have had to have come from the same ape. 

Having been around Southeast Asians, I also believe it is possible that they actually evolved from monkeys, rather than apes. I am not sure if any scientist has ever endorsed this theory, but before political correctness, they were mostly looking at the differences between Europeans and Africans.


This would certainly explain why, although Southeast Asians have IQs nearly as low as Negroes, they are not violent and brutal and in fact are able to develop reasonably well-ordered societies (I use the term “reasonably” in relation to Negroes and Arabs), as well as complex religious and moral systems (Africans literally did not have a religion).

Then, of course, the Asians who moved north developed higher IQs and lighter skin because of climate-related reasons.

Africans of course are more violent (and larger) not so much because of IQ, but because of higher levels of testosterone, but no one has explained what caused this.

I think if honest and genetic studies were done, you could show that there is a great likelihood that all the races evolved separately, and that Asians came from small monkeys, rather than apes.

Other Ideas

Another theory of interest is that human ancestors are not all extinct.

In the 19th century, it was widely speculated that Europeans evolved from chimpanzees, while Negroes evolved from gorillas.

There is no clear reason to believe that all pre-human ancestors are necessarily extinct, other than political reasons.

In 2008, Richard D. Fuerle published “Erectus Walks Amongst Us,” arguing that modern blacks are actually Homo Erectus, a prehistoric ape.

This book was written to debunk the politically-driven “Out of Africa” theory.

Also of note is that in 2011, the main creator of the “Out of Africa” theory, Christopher Stringer, admitted that it was probably wrong. He made this determination based on new data related to mtDNA.

The Bottom Line

I don’t think this new discovery is going to have any immediate political ramifications.

However, we’re getting closer.

This is going to get some wheels turning in some scientists’ brains after 20 years of the “Out of Africa” theory being declared “scientific consensus.”


The mtDNA distance between Sub-Saharan Africans and White Europeans is around 2.0, while the mtDNA distance between African and Asiatic Lions is around 0.92.

Above, African Lion, below, Asiatic Lion.

Continuing to classify Whites and Blacks as members of the same species is absurd.