New Report on Racial Performance Differences Screams the Obvious

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2014

Dat maff.  Ah caint doz ate.
Dat maff. Ah caint doz ate.

A new report on the performance of various racial groups in the US makes the obvious biological reality of race sickeningly clear.

The fact that we are so trained to refuse to acknowledge things so painfully obvious, even when having it literally spelled out for us, speaks volumes of the degree to which our brains have been washed.


In every region of America, white and Asian children are far better positioned for success than black, Latino and Native American children, according to a new report appealing for urgent action to bridge this racial gap.

Titled Race for Results, the report is being released on Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which for decades has worked to improve child well-being in the US.

At the core of the report is a newly devised index based on 12 indicators measuring a child’s success from birth to adulthood. The indicators include reading and maths proficiency, high school graduation data, teen birthrates, employment prospects, family income and education levels, and neighbourhood poverty levels.

Using a single composite score with a scale of one to 1000, Asian children have the highest index score at 776, followed by white children at 704.

‘Scores for Latino (404), American-Indian (387) and African-American (345) children are distressingly lower, and this pattern holds true in nearly every state,’ the report says.

The report described the challenges facing African-American children as ‘a national crisis’.

For black children, the states with the lowest scores were in the South and upper Midwest – with Wisconsin at the bottom, followed closely by Mississippi and Michigan. The highest scores were in states with relatively small black populations – Hawaii, New Hampshire, Utah and Alaska.

Outcomes varied for different subgroups of Asian and Latino children. For example, in terms of family income levels, children of Southeast Asian descent – Burmese, Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese – faced greater hurdles than children whose families came from India, Japan, the Philippines and China.

Among Latinos, children of Mexican and Central American descent faced the biggest barriers to success; those of Cuban and South American descent fared better in the index.

As if it were not obvious enough already, the continued high performance of Asians completely crushes the idea that these racial discrepancies are due to anything other than biology.

When they break it down into different sub-groups of the races, things become even more obvious.

Just look at this IQ map. It explains all of this.

Elaboration should not be necessary.
Elaboration should not be necessary.

IQ is a biological fact. It is not determined in some vague manner by “culture.” Blacks are at the bottom of the academic performance chart for the same reason that they dominate the NBA: biology.

Helping the Poor Unfortunates

The best way to help the lower races, if we actually care about helping them (and I tend to), is to stop expecting them to be able to perform in White society. We have already thrown hundreds of billions of dollars at this project, and the situation is just as bad as it ever was.

    Blacks were happy in their natural environment, doing whatever sorts of things they do there. It was unfair of us to pull them out of it.
Blacks were happy in their natural environment, doing whatever sorts of things they do there. It was unfair of us to pull them out of it.

The lower races, like the higher races, have a right to exist as they are designed to exist and to live in peace, if they so choose. By attempting to mesh the biology of blacks and others with White society, all we do is make things miserable for all of us.