New Report Into Child Sexual Exploitation Fails to Mention Non-Whites and Claims it is The Norm in Some Areas

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2014

Horrible Marxist feminist Ann Coffey has white-washed the entire report so that it contains no references to Non-Whites.

Labour MP Ann Coffey, who has been leading an inquiry into the abuse of young White girls by Non-White rapists, has finally released her report and there is not a word in it about the danger that the dark races pose to our women, or even the covering up of the crimes against them through fear of being called “racist.”

One would have at least thought she could have included “blah blah blah cultural differences blah blah difficulty assimilating blah” – but no.

You can see where her loyalties lie and it isn’t with the British people.

Instead, the report blames the rapes on sexting, selfies and instagram (i.e. they blame the victim), and suggests giving young people their own radio station so that future victims know that they are not “alone.”

So they are basically going to do nothing to prevent Non-Whites raping our women and children, but are going to go ahead and rub salt into their wounds by saying, “hey its not just you that has to put up with this you know, lots of others have had to as well.”

Ann Coffey is a Labour politician.

Belfast Telegraph:

The independent report from the Labour MP for Stockport was commissioned by Tony Lloyd, the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, to see what has changed since the Rochdale case in 2012 when nine Asian men were jailed for grooming girls with alcohol, drugs and gifts before forcing them to have sex with multiple men.Ms Coffey said: “My observations will make painful reading for those who hoped that Rochdale was an isolated case. This is a real and ongoing problem.

“I have been concerned about the number of people who have told me that in some neighbourhoods child sexual exploitation had become the new social norm.

“This social norm has perhaps been fuelled by the increased sexualisation of children and young people and an explosion of explicit music videos and the normalisation of quasi-pornographic images.

“Sexting, selfies, Instagram and the like have given rise to new social norms and changed expectations of sexual entitlement, and with it a confused understanding of what constitutes consent.”

Some schoolgirls told her they were regularly approached by older men in the street and urged to get into cars on their way home from school.

Notice there is no mention of the ethnicity of the perverts trying to drag them into their cars.  I’ll bet you twenty pounds not a single one of them was British.

Such approaches were “part of everyday life” because it had become normalised.

They were not a “part of everyday life” until the government made them so, by importing the savages which do it and then making it seem “normal” by refusing to do anything to stop it.

The report also showed that more than 3,000 children under the age of 18 have been reported missing in Greater Manchester this year.

One in five children and young people who go missing from home or care is at risk of serious harm, with “major concerns” about the links between children running away and the risks of child sexual exploitation, it said.

Figures prepared for the report by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) showed that 3,242 under-18s went missing from January to September 17 2014, generating 9,789 reports. Of those, 539 were children looked after by the local authority, generating 4,520 reports – almost half of all incidents.

The report recommends “spot checks” on children’s homes to see if they are adhering to the new government guidance.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: “This is yet another disturbing report which highlights unacceptable failings by authorities at a local level to ensure the protection of children.

Despite all the publicity, this report is just the same as all the ones which were condemned for being censored.

This report is exactly the same as all the other reports, the ones that another inquiry is currently supposed to be investigating – the Rotherham reports.

They covered up the fact that all the victims were White and all the rapists were Non-White too.

Despite all that flurry of publicity, still nothing has changed.