New Privilege for Good Goyim: Vaxxmericans Will be Permitted to Go Out Without Masks (Sometimes)

For all of recorded history, people could live normal lives freely. Then, in 2020 the government banned normal life, citing an evidence-free and debunked claim about a global flu pandemic.

All of our natural rights were taken away from us.

Now, they are selling these rights back to us, at the cost of total submission to the government.

The Independent:

Americans who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 will no longer need to wear masks outdoors, except in crowds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said.

New public health recommendations say that people who have received a full course of one of the three vaccines available in the US may go without masks when walking, jogging, or biking outdoors with household members. They may also attend small outdoor gatherings and dine outdoors with people from multiple households.

What is shocking is how few privileges the vaxxed actually get – and they tell them that the reason that they can’t get more privileges is because some people refuse to get the vaccine (which makes no sense, and isn’t being explained).

This is some serious Sneech Beach shit going on here.

Fully vaccinated people must continue to wear masks for indoor public activities, such as at movie theatres, hair salons, places of worship, and gyms. This recommendation will remain in place until more people have been vaccinated and the case count falls further.

The new guidance also seeks to encourage more people to take the vaccine. It states that “taking steps toward relaxing certain measures for vaccinated people may help improve coronavirus vaccine acceptance and uptake”.

“Therefore, there are several activities that fully vaccinated people can resume now, at low risk to themselves, while being mindful of the potential risk of transmitting the disease to others.”

“The message is clear,” Xavier Becerra, health and human services secretary, told CBS This Morning. “You’re vaccinated. Guess what? You get to return to a more normal lifestyle. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re still a danger … so get vaccinated.”

So they’re just openly admitting that this is a social engineering program to attempt to coerce people into taking the vaccine. I remember a bunch of conservatives claimed that that ROC spy who went on CNN and said that this was a social engineering program had “slipped up.” I said no, she didn’t slip up – they’re all saying this and it’s official state policy.

(What a horrible dragon-faced cunt Leana Wen is – daughter of people who “fled” Beijing. Political asylum always leads to these sorts of people taking positions of power, whether it is Jews [it’s usually Jews], Slavs, Hungarians or Asians. If these people are fleeing their own countries, there is probably a reason. They probably upset someone.)

Xavier Becerra is also of course a foreigner – from Mexico.

It seems like this whole concept of “they will adopt our Anglo-Saxon freedom values as soon as they step on American soil” should be seriously reconsidered. None of these foreigners care about freedom, and they’ve transformed our entire society.

But yes: this is a social engineering program. No: they don’t care if you know that.

The entire coronavirus hoax has from the beginning been a social engineering program, designed to strip you of your freedoms.

It’s pure Skinner Boxing. All these techniques they’re using on you also work on rats.

Vaccine coercion is just the latest step in this process. If everyone were to get vaccinated, it would just transform into something else.

This is all a planned agenda. Everything that is going on was planned before you heard the word “coronavirus.”

The elite are building a post-democracy society because they think they can use technology to turn themselves into immortal gods and invade outer space.

They are hitting you with confusing mixed messages on purpose in order to make your brain stop trying to process the information logically.