New Power Alignments Emerge at the G-20 – There is No Coming Back From This

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2017

New alignments are forming during the G-20.

The world is shifting, rapidly, and this will change everything.

Just as we had hoped and dreamed, Putin and Trump are in the early stages of forming an alliance against world cuckoldry, Jewry and globalism.

Daily Mail:

After spending two and a half hours speaking to President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin had dinner seated beside the American leader’s wife, Melania.

The Trumps both met Putin for the first time on Friday, as the world’s top leaders gathered in Hamburg, Germany at the G20.

The meeting was only supposed to last a half hour.

It lasted 2.5 hours.

And the importance of Melania meeting with Putin at dinner cannot be overestimated. Guaranteed that both Trump and Putin demanded that. The American Empress speaks German, which Putin is fluent in having worked in East Germany (she also speaks fluent Serbian, which is not that different from Russian), which means the meeting is a whole lot easier and more natural.

Melania is also more /ourgal/ than anyone else in the Trump administration. She has the clearest understanding of what is going on, even more than Steve Bannon.

And from the pictures we’ve seen, it is very clear this went exactly as we expected it to go.

The fact that Trump has a super-intelligent Slavic wife is an element that fits into all of this divinely.

President Trump’s conversation with Putin signified the first time the Republican brought up Russia’s hacking of the 2016 presidential election, which Putin promptly denied.

Of course, he had to say that.


Trump: “They keep saying you hacked this election – you didn’t do that, did you?

Putin: “Nope.”

Trump: “Okay, cool. I didn’t think so.”

Trump has already buried that discussion by asking for the DNC server.

A few whacked-out  kooks who didn’t get the memo that this particular spectacle has concluded are still talking about it, but the mainstream media has given up, and the government has given up. Clapper went on TV this week and admitted it was a hoax.

It’s now officially over, forever.

With the day’s business out of the way, the leaders enjoyed a concert and then a Friday night dinner, in which couples were split up and not seated with their spouses.

That’s how Melania Trump ended up next to Putin, with President Trump seated down the way, closer to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The first lady, who grew up in Slovenia, then a part of Yugoslavia, knows several languages including German, which the Russian president also speaks.

The dinner took place after German Chancellor Angela Merkel treated her G20 guests to Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony hoping to spread her vision with ‘a hymn to humanity, peace and international understanding’.

Questions had been raised about how realistic a vision that is with Putin, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Trump all on hand.

The last portion of the symphony is the EU’s official anthem.

There were concerns before the performance that Trump might dip out of the show, performed at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, given the American president’s feeling towards symphonies.

Trump wrote in his 2004 book ‘How to Get Rich’ that he knows little about classical music, preferring instead the likes of Frank Sinatra, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

According to CNN, Mrs Merkel chose the 1824 symphony – ‘a substantial part of German culture’ – herself.

The European Union adopted the final movement of the symphony as its anthem in the 1970s because it encapsulates the principles of freedom, peace and solidarity.

But John Deathridge – emeritus professor of music at Kings College London – believes the piece is well chosen for an audience including President Trump.

‘Donald Trump is behaving like a monarch,’ he said.

‘It’s like going backwards to monarchical times when leaders had absolutely no conscience, so in a way it is a very suitable piece for him.’

The thing about that is – Donald Trump is behaving as the people want him to behave.

We want to go back to monarchical times, because those were better times.

Despite the claims of the Jews, our technological development over the last hundred years was not based on liberal democracy.

Correlation =/= causation.

It is a mere coincidence that we developed the worst governmental system in history at the same time as we had the highest levels of material development.


These meetings are generally just a boring formality, which are most interesting due to riots.

However, this is very, very different.

Here Russia and America are making an alliance, and the rest of the cucked realms are scrambling to try and form their own counter-alliance.

This is a turning point in global history that we are witnessing.

Trump and Putin Body Language

Body language analysts are trying to make out like Trump was showing submission to Putin.

TIME produced this video, which is worth watching.

However, I disagree with this analysis.

As a body language expert, what I saw was both men a little bit nervous after all that has led up to this meeting, and both trying to be as kind and open with each other as possible.

The struggle that I saw was not an alpha male struggle for dominance, but two alpha males internally struggling with their natural drive to exert dominance – the exact opposite of what the media is portraying it as.

These are the two most alpha males living on the planet right now, and they know themselves well enough that when they meet another alpha male, they have a desire to establish a pecking order immediately. What they did – for the sake of both their nations, and out of great respect for one another – is not do that, and instead meet purely as equals.

And I think both of them performed this brilliantly in the public shots, and I assume that in the private meetings this rapport was maintained.

In other words, this first meeting between the men we have tasked with rescuing Western civilization went better than we ever could have imagined it going.

You remember this?

Riots Continued

Just so you understand, the riots continued last night.

Out of the Abyss

Just to be clear here, I don’t think that either Putin or Trump are going to establish a Fourth Reich.

I don’t think I do give the impression that I think that, but I just want to be 100% clear so there is no confusion: I don’t think that.

What I do think is that Western civilization is currently underwater, and it is drowning. My only hope is that these two men can pull it up out of the water onto dry land, and allow it to spit the water out of its lungs and breathe.

The rest of these people at the G-20 – save maybe the nonwhites and non-Jew, I’m not sure what they’re necessarily thinking – but the rest of the Westerns there are intent on holding Western civilization underwater until it drowns.

The reason it is so important to me that Trump and Putin form a relationship is that this will allow Western civilization to breathe again, so that men of even greater power can come along and get it up on its feet and restore it to the seat of glory upon which it once sat.