New Potential Flashpoint: North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Blackie While Serving Warrant

Derek Chauvin got sacrificed to the dark gods, so now we need a new flashpoint to start the next round of riots. The media is scouring the earth for such a flashpoint.

It might be that they don’t even need one main event, and they can just do these little fake events over and over and make the blacks feel like they’re all real.

On Wednesday, a Sheriff’s Deputy in North Carolina shot a good boy he was serving a warrant on.

Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten told reporters that the deputy opened fire on the blackie, Andrew Brown Jr., in a residential area of Elizabeth City early on Wednesday morning.

Witnesses said that blackie Brown was attempting to drive away when the white racist cop started pumping lead into him. The cop presumably did this because he hates dark skin colors for no reason.

Brown’s vehicle crashed into a tree, said neighbor Demetria Williams to the AP.

“When they opened the door he was already dead. He was slumped over,” she said.

She also said officers tried to do aid on blackie Brown. But it was too late because that nigga be dead.

Black areas all look like literal jungles because they won’t do landscaping. One has to wonder: do they not like landscaping or do they like the jungle feel? Is it both?

Protests for blackie Brown began rapidly, as is now the way things go.

The head of the NAACP in North Carolina, Keith Rivers, issued menacing statements, along the lines of “we just wanna talk.”

And you had… you know, the whole thing.

So will this be the flashpoint?

Could be, could be.

The Columbus, Ohio incident has fallen apart of course, since the “child” was in the middle of a stabbing when she was shot.

Here’s the thing: the Jewish media has already decided on riots for the summer. So, the media is just going to pump up any of these events that happens, and try to get a riot going, then try to get it to spread across the country.

There is really an element of “dance, monkey, dance!” going on with the way these Jews agitate these blacks. You can just see them cackling at these primitives, as they manipulate them into this pointless violence.

If you know any black person with an IQ over 90, you should point out the Jewish domination of the media, and point out that they have gained absolutely nothing over the last year. In actual fact, murder is way up in all of their neighborhoods, and no one in the media cares about that.

Some places, the murder rate was up over 100%.

And there are no secret benefits.

Maybe it is cathartic for the blacks to riot, but objectively, there is no benefit to it.

The single objective result is that society at large is damaged.