New Poll Shows a Bunch of Democrats Beating Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

A new NBC/WSJ poll shows a bunch of Democrats beating Trump.

I don’t know if this is fake polling or what, but I do know that if the election was tomorrow, the Democrats would lose. Polls poll people who don’t vote. There’s also social pressure in a phone poll, given the nature of Donald Trump, a man who wants to send the blacks back to Africa.

There is simply no way that Trump can lose because of the insane policies that the Democrats are putting forth, and their vicious and maniacal hatred of white people and America.

It’s possible that Joe Biden actually could win, but Joe Biden is being lynched because they hate the color of his skin and he can’t possibly get the nomination.

If he somehow does, I will certainly reevaluate, but right now, I simply do not think it is possible for Trump to lose.

He is going to go nuts stirring up the base over the next year with borderline-Nazi tweets and ICE raids. He’s clearly corrected course since the “State of Holocaust Remembrance” and CPAC speeches, when he was talking about flooding America with the most immigrants in history.

America is being flooded with the most immigrants in history, of course, but he’s not saying he wants to do that, and the masses of goyim are easily bedazzled by tweets about deporting niggers to Africa.

Whatever any of these people say, white nationalism wins elections. And Trump is going to fake white nationalism and win this election.

And the Democrats are going to keep getting more insane as time progresses. They’re saying total open borders.

As H.L. Mencken said in “Notes on Democracy,” democratic elections are about who can drum up the most fear, and people are way more afraid of mass immigration than they are of Nazism. At least, the people who tend to actually vote are way more afraid of the former than the latter.

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