New Poll Finds Jared Kushner Least Popular Member of Trump Family Because the Goyim Know

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2017

A lot more Goyim know about Jared Kushner’s role as a corrosive force in the White House than previously thought.

Despite the Judenpresse aiming most of its defamation and attacks at Don Jr., Melania, et al, Kushner remains the most despised member of the Trump family in the eyes of Americans.

Jared Kushner doesn’t go on TV or do interviews, but thanks to independent news outlets like The Daily Stormer and The Daily Caller, people know that unpopular decisions like the Syria strikes are the product of his influence. The analysts reading the polls are chalking this up to “anti-Semitism” – but is it the chicken or the egg?

People become anti-Semitic when the only Jew in Trump’s inner circle just so happens to be the one pushing policies diametrically opposed to the interests of America. You know, the same policies all the Jews elsewhere want: open borders, neo-con interventions, and neo-liberalism.


Much has been made of President Donald Trump’s historic low approval ratings. But the president is not even the least popular member of his own family. Instead, that unwanted honor belongs to Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The husband of Ivanka Trump is viewed favorably by just 22 percent of American voters, with 36 percent having an unfavorable opinion, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll released Wednesday. Surprisingly, despite the waves of media coverage he has received since taking up a senior adviser position in the White House, 41 percent of respondents said they had never heard of the former real-estate developer.

The numbers contrast sharply with those for other members of the Trump family featured in the poll. His wife has a positive rating, with 44 percent viewing her favorably and 38 percent unfavorably. And the figures are similar for the First Lady, Melania Trump.

Even Donald Trump Jr., who has been pilloried over a meeting with a Russian government attorney during the presidential campaign, scored better than his brother-in-law. Trump’s oldest son is still seen favorably by 37 percent of the electorate, compared with 47 percent who see him in an unfavorable light.

Kushner has had issues of his own when it comes to Russia, of course. The 36-year-old was in the same meeting with Trump Jr. last summer, while he was also found to have had multiple undisclosed contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, as well as a meeting with a Russian banker. Following those revelations, he has three times amended his version of the SF-86 form, which is required to obtain a security clearance. There is now considerable pressure for that security clearance to be revoked.

Or it could also be due to the fact that he is an Orthodox Jew. Although Ivanka Trump has converted to Orthodox Judaism, it is Kushner who has been the target of concerted anti-Semitic abuse.

In April, the Anti-Defamation League reported on an “anti-Semitic social media trolling campaign” aimed at Kushner. According to the Jewish civil rights organization, the campaign included accusations that Trump had stepped back from his “America First” policy because he is being manipulated by Kushner.

Most of the media tries to prop Jared Kushner up as some kind of Renaissance man. To increase his influence, they mercilessly attack others with influence over Trump like Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Sebastian Gorka or Don Jr., while at the same time lavishing praise on Trump when he supposedly listens to Jared.

The problem is that the media doesn’t have sway over public opinion anymore. Nobody cares what Anderson Cooper or Joe Scarborough have to say. Instead, it’s stars rising out of the Alt-Right universe like Tucker Carlson that are getting millions of viewers a night – simply because they tell people the truth about what’s going on in our country.

If Newsweek and the ADL are going to assert that 36% of Americans hate Kushner because he’s Jewish, then so be it.

Trump aid Steven Miller is also Jewish, yet nobody goes after him. Miller is considered one of the “good Jews” because he – at least ostensibly – is not overcome with frothing-at-the-mouth hostility towards white people and Western civilization.