New Political Movement: The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2014

The ancient flag of Hibernia.

A new political movement has been formed: The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland.  It appears to have many of the same policies as the NSDAP (but doesn’t draw attention to the fact).

Who could argue against a sovereign government producing its own credit notes and using them to finance a house building program, where non-interest bearing loans can be used to purchase the houses, with 25% off for each child born to the family moving in?

They also wish to free the country from the EU and take back their fishing rights, so the country would be free to set its own farming and fishing policy, that would include banning GM crops and not throwing away perfectly good fish, because of a quota.

For those who know about the difference between legal and lawful, they also wish to do away with maritime law and reintroduce common law, where if there is no victim, there is no crime.

The best interests of the nation will take precedence at all times and therefore pornography will be banned outright and children will be given a moral education, with a view to creating self-discipline in each gender.

On the immigration issue they are adopting the same “official” stance taken by UKIP and using the term “controlled immigration,” but really that is a just code word for no non-white immigration.

Its about time Ireland had a proper nationalist party and this group look very professional, judging by the website.

Hopefully Irish readers will be keen to join them and help out.