New Pepsi Advertisement Exposes Modern Leftism As Controlled Opposition

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2017

The old Marxist canard goes that Nationalsocialism and Fascism are capitalism’s “last line of defense.” Soviet propaganda was insisting on this even while zipping around in American Jeeps, eating British food and enjoying other Lend-Lease goodies.

Today, the street Left is composed of geeky non-whites, college-aged white women, sexual perverts, and as of late, people in hijabs. The only thing that links this fragile alliance is animosity towards a boogeyman: the white male. Aside from that, they mostly go to protests to engage in violence, dance and beat the bongos, and take selfies to put on Instagram, showing how enlightened and hip they are.

They don’t give much thought to it, but have they ever considered that the elite they claim to fight agree with all their major tenets: globalization, gender ideology, feminism, open borders immigration and post-modernism?

All of those things, minus the sexual ideology (the wealthy and Jews support this because the bourgeoisie has always had disproportionate number of decadent fags), serve the bottom line of multi-nationals. America’s leftward cultural shift since the 1960s coincides with record shattering stock market margins and historic wealth inequality. Or should I say, Cohencides. 

Money is being sucked upwards away from working and middle class people, which is why the “#Resistance” and “social justice” movement is composed of celebrities, Jews and the snooty narcissistic children of the 1%. Marx called it “class consciousness.”

Kendall Jenner, who is famous only because her sister made a sex tape with a Negro and her father is a messed up faggot, is the archetype of the type of citizen the Jews are grooming as their lesser-aristocracy, the “second estate.” The name “Jenner” in a sane world would be common in a mental asylum, but under the rule of plutocracy, it is the new “Von.” The crest is a set of mutilated genitals criss-crossed by two black penises.

So Cuckboy, Che-shirt poser and purple haired micro-aggrieved fatty, enjoy your ice cold Pepsi while you type away your “Post-Gender Constructionism of Anal-Fisting In Marxian Class Struggle” master thesis on your MacBook. You’ll see how powerless you are when the workers really rise up and smash your corporate benefactors.