New Orleans Shuts Down All Computers, Declares State of Emergency Due to Ransomware

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2019

Ransomware is leading to a lot of MAX LULZ and TOP KEKS, but we have to note: the entire American system appears to be completely unprepared for any form of cyberwarfare.


The City of New Orleans has suffered a cybersecurity attack serious enough for Mayor LaToya Cantrell to declare a state of emergency.

The attack started at 5 a.m. CST on Friday, December 13, according to the City of New Orleans’ emergency preparedness campaign, NOLA Ready, managed by the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. NOLA Ready tweeted that “suspicious activity was detected on the City’s network,” and as investigations progressed, “activity indicating a cybersecurity incident was detected around 11 a.m.” As a precautionary measure, the NOLA tweet confirmed, the city’s IT department gave the order for all employees to power down computers and disconnect from Wi-Fi. All city servers were also powered down, and employees told to unplug any of their devices.

During a press conference, Mayor Cantrell confirmed that this was a ransomware attack. A declaration of a state of emergency was filed with the Civil District Court in connection with the incident.

NOLA Ready said that emergency communications had not been affected. Although the “Real-Time Crime Center” had been powered down, public safety cameras were still recording, and incident footage would be available if needed. The police and fire departments continued to operate as usual, and the ability to respond to 911 calls was not impacted.

Information is still scarce, while both the investigation, involving both State and Federal agencies, and the recovery process continue. It’s not known what ransomware malware was used during the attack, and Mayor Cantrell has said that no ransom demand has been made at this point in time.

On October 2, the FBI issued a high-impact cyber-attack warning in response to attacks on state and local government targets. This warned that health care organizations, industrial companies, and the transportation sector were also being targeted. Meanwhile, the attacks against government targets continue.

If they have to actually come out and say “don’t worry, the emergency services are still working,” then they are really in a bad way.

Basically, in order to save a few fractions of pennies here and there, the entire infrastructure of the United States has been digitalized.

This could lead to all kinds of very serious troubles in the future. America prides itself on having six million aircraft carriers, and the ability to bomb any city on earth in a matter of seconds, but we have to wonder what good that will be if the entire infrastructure of the government – and of all private industry – were to be shut down due to cyberattacks.

Look: the same people who looked at the data and found they could save however many dollars a year by digitalizing infrastructure know absolutely nothing about cyber-security. They are all boomers. They couldn’t calculate the risk, because they didn’t know anything about the risks. Further, you can’t calculate risk on digital infrastructure, because no one knows what exploits will be invented in the future. No one even knows what updates will be required to keep it operational, let alone what exploits will be developed for those updates.

So now proof of concept exists that an entire city can be shut down by hackers. We don’t have the details of what exactly is and isn’t shut down, but they’re saying they told every government employee to shut down and completely unplug all devices.

So I imagine that very little is still working, in terms of the political apparatus of the government.

Imagine if this happened to the federal government. And every city in the country.

How long would it take for the country to collapse into a Mad Max type situation?

The entire EBT card system is digitized.

When that stops working, what are the blacks going to do?

Would they even be able to order their aircraft carriers to bomb cities in such a situation?

How much of the functioning of the aircraft carriers themselves has been digitalized?

Hackers Don’t Like the US Government

High level hackers are very intelligent. You have to be. And they tend to have a lot of money, as a rule. None of the highest level guys are going to be working for the US government, unless they’ve been arrested and are forced to in order to keep out of prison.

And most of them don’t live in the US. Most of them born in the US leave the country.

The US has never been good at catching hackers. They only caught Dread Pirate Roberts using the most absurd methods, and we’re only able to do that because he had gotten arrogant because he just assumed they could never catch him because they were so incompetent.

The US has done all this abusive stuff to the internet, and to people like Julian Assange, making hackers hate them. And most would probably be willing to do whatever just to screw over the US government. Furthermore, China, and particularly Russia, have been much kinder to their hackers, and have actually given them money.

So basically, the bottom line here, and what I’m trying to get to, is this: the cyberwarfare front of the ongoing global conflict between the American government and the rest of the world creates serious hurdles for the US government.

Ransomware is a very profitable industry, and so it is being widely developed, but what ransomware does is simply shut down access to networks. The “ransom” part is where they make you give them money to unlock the network. But the software could just as easily be used to shut down networks without asking for money, and just leaving them locked.

So this should be a big WHITE PILL for people who feel like ZOG has already won, and we’re just sitting here watching them finish off the rest of the world.

The money is still on the table, and the enemies of the Jews still have cards up their sleeves.