New Orleans is Getting Hot

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
May 4, 2017

Jason Kessler reports on the escalating situation in New Orleans:

“Left-wing rioters from Antifa drove to New Orleans in an armored assault vehicle, maced a woman in a wheelchair and defaced several Confederate statues. In exchange Confederate supporters landed punches and knocked an Antifa across the head with a flag pole. All of this happened Monday evening on May Day, a date significant to left-wing groups and which coincided with other uprisings around the country.

Most of the violent activity occurred while police waited on the sidelines, according to sources who likened the situation to that in other liberal cities like Berkeley. Police were purportedly told to stand down while scenes of mass violence erupted between right and left-wing demonstrators. With masked men, police snipers, armed Confederates with assault rifles and military convoys bussing in truckloads of ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrators it might seem like a New American Civil War is starting in New Orleans over the legacy of the last one. …

He has a follow up article at VDARE:

“Left-wing provocateurs in New Orleans have been spoiling for a fight all week, ever since masked men hired by Mayor Mitch Landrieu began tearing down Civil War era Confederate monuments. Members of the far-left group Antifa were engaging in acts of provocation prior to outbreak of violence by burning Confederate flags, slashing tires, spraying mace and throwing bottles. Sandra Gerhold, who attended Monday’s vigil told me, “two supporters standing at Beauregard were threatened with a gun.”

Will Antifa will be convicted of “gang activity” and “terroristic threats” for waiving the anarcho-communist flag? Remember white Confederate history buffs Kayla Rae Norton and Jose Ismael Torres were sentenced to up to 20 years in prison in Douglasville, Georgia earlier this year after they’d allegedly issued a similar threat to black people while in a truck convoy displaying Confederate flags. …

After Monday night’s debacle McHann hopes that activist will start to arrive from all over the country, “Our strategy is to get enough people in front of the monuments to block removal, if it comes to that.”

What could happen?

Antifas and Anti-Southern activists are hosting a big celebration in New Orleans this weekend:

Here are the antifas who have been coming out of the dark to throw sucker punches, rocks, bottles, mace and pepper spray at Confederate heritage activists, slash their tires and key their cars:

Antifas vandalized the Beauregard monument in New Orleans the other night. It was caught on video below:

It wasn’t the first time: