New Observer Forces Daily Mail Retraction Over Molenbeek “Far-Right Activist Attack” Lie

The New Observer
April 5, 2016

The New Observer has once again forced a major controlled media outlet to back down over blatant ant-white lies, this time the Daily Mail’s hysterical lies over “right wingers” in cars running over Muslims in Molenbeek.

Previously, the New Observer dramatically exposed the “neo-Nazi attack on migrant children” in Stockholm as a media hoax—in which the Daily Mail had also willingly taken part, and then admitted was a lie.



Regular readers of the New Observer know that on Sunday, April 3, this news service revealed that the Daily Mail, along with most other controlled media outlets, had claimed that there had been a “right wing anti-Islam rally” in Molenbeek.

During this rally, the Daily Mail claimed, the “far right wingers” had fought with police, and two had deliberately driven over a Muslim woman in their vehicle.

The Daily Mail ran this story with a banner headline reading “Horrific moment Muslim woman is mown down by grinning far-right activist who then stops to take a PICTURE during anti-Islam rally in the troubled Brussels district of Molenbeek.”

As the New Observer pointed out, the truth of the matter was that there was no “right wing rally” in Molenbeek that day at all (a planned one had been cancelled by its organizers) and the only fighting which had taken place was between the police and a crowd of reds and nonwhites.

Furthermore, the New Observer revealed, the drivers of the vehicle which ran over the women were two young nonwhite Muslims from Molenbeek, who had thrown incendiary devices at the police and had smashed their way through a police cordon. They were later arrested and charged with a number of offenses.

After the New Observer published this exclusive report, the Daily Mail editors changed the headline of their report on April 4 to read “Horrific moment Muslim woman is mown down by grinning driver who then stops to take a PICTURE during anti-Islam rally in the troubled Brussels district of Molenbeek”—note how the “grinning far-right activist” had been morphed into a “grinning driver.”



Earlier in March, the Daily Mail was also forced to admit that the New Observer was right when this news service pointed out that that paper had participated in the worldwide “neo-Nazi attack on migrant children in Stockholm” hoax.

* The Breitbart London news service also stole the New Observer’s latest Daily Mail scoop, running a headline story without crediting this news site. This display of poor journalistic etiquette is not unusual for Breitbart, although it is an industry standard—to which the New Observer adheres rigorously—that accreditation to any quoted source is always given as a matter of courtesy.