New Non-Pozzed Game: Ancestor’s Legacy

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

No trannies, huh? Is that even allowed in 2018?

In this pozzed climate, it’s actually worth noting when normal games featuring European culture without Blacks, homosexuals or uppity skanks is released and is well made.

The last major game we got our hands on that ticked all those boxes was Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It was set in medieval Bohemia and mysteriously didn’t feature any Black or Arab NPCs, causing a wave of SJW outrage.

On the coattails of Kingdome Come’s success comes another medieval game, Ancestor’s Legacy.

It’s a real time strategy game pitting the Anglo-Saxons, the Slavs, the Vikings and the Germans against each other.

Most reviewers agree that it’s good. And on top of that, it’s POZ-free.

Hey Poor Player:

I’ve played so many games already this year about mental health or games that make you look for a deeper meaning, and while I greatly admire that, it’s nice to take a break and simulate some Viking raids!

Isn’t it funny what contortions normies have to go through just to say “I’m sick of these games loaded with leftist political crap”?

Ancestors Legacy is an RTS squad-based war game set in Medieval Europe. While the description of the game tactfully uses the phrase “inspired by medieval European history,” covering the creators against accusations of historical inaccuracy, one can’t help but admire the passion that these creators seem to have for history. There are lots of references to real past rulers or conquers, with little facts in the loading screens. I don’t know if the creators intended to teach history to their players, but I enjoyed the thought behind it. Mostly because it made the wars within the game feel more real.

In most RTS games that I’ve played, you choose between playing for the good side or the bad side. But in the real-world war isn’t that black and white. The sides in Ancestors Legacy depend on who you chose to play as, whether that’s the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans, or Slavs. No-one is the “baddies” and no-one is the “goodies.” Frankly, as medieval history will tell you, they’re all terrible and blood-thirsty! The Vikings appear to be the main party of the game, as the ones you have to play as first in the single-player campaign, which was a little disappointing. But Vikings are popular right now, what with the TV show. Plus, as I said, it’s obviously something these guys care and know about.

An RTS where the different European factions fight against each other is obviously a good idea, and something that would come out of a Polish game studio like Destructive Creations.

These are the same guys who made the game about mowing down jihadists by the thousands.

Most soothing and relaxing game ever. It definitely needs a Jew mod.

In other words, these guys are woke af.

No wonder mainstream news sites aren’t covering Ancestor’s Legacy.

Ancestors Legacy is a very unique game, even if it does feature the same war and conquer elements that we want from RTS games. I can’t deny that the different missions all look rather the same, regardless of which European country you happen to be torturing, but the game makes up for it with the detailed cutscenes. It’s interesting to see a game that takes real-life events, albeit events that happened so long ago it’s okay to have fun with them and shows them in a way that’s enjoyable for a modern audience. Sure, that whole running across Europe pillaging and cutting heads off was awful when it was happening- but I’m sure those tortured would feel better about it if they knew sometime in the future they’d be a decent game inspired by the events.

I’m sure they would.

In any case, if you’re a fan of RTS games and want a European historical experience free from Jew bullshit, I recommend you give Ancestor’s Legacy a try.