New News? Daily Mail Recycles Story of Men Arrested in UK for Driving by and Yelling at Jews

We already covered this when it happened days ago, but the Daily Mail is covering it again.

This happens a lot with anti-Semitism stories – they pop up once, and then several days later they pop back up for another round.

Daily Mail, from a few hours ago at time of writing:

Four men who were arrested over a convoy of cars that drove through London calling for Jewish girls to be raped were also held for an attack in Manchester.

Police today confirmed the gang were linked to the attack on a Jewish man’s car in Salford at 1.35am on Sunday.

Later that day they allegedly cruised through St John’s Wood in the capital shouting: ‘F*** the Jews… F*** all of them. F*** their mothers, f*** their daughters.’

Footage showed a convoy of cars covered with Palestinian flags on Finchley Road, with passengers heard using offensive language and issuing threats against Jews.

Here are their previous front page headlines (not even sure this is a complete list):

According to this timeline, they were bailed before they were arrested.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter – the point is, the Daily Mail is really going on about this event.

In the Daily Mail’s defense, I don’t think they’re so much pro-Jewish as they are anti-Moslem. There are a lot of people and groups like this who end up promoting Jewish agendas because they hate Moslems. That shows you just how sophisticated the Jewish machine is – it’s the Jews that brought the Moslems into Europe in the first place!

Furthermore, the fact that this drive by “rape their daughters” event is so extreme makes me think the Jews staged it themselves. (Although to be fair, I think “rape their mothers, rape their daughters” is a standard Arabian shout going back to the times of Muhammed and before.)

If the Jews didn’t do it themselves and are just promoting it in the media, the fact that Daily Mail is front-paging it over and over shows that this is the narrative.

They want a story where people protesting Israel killing babies are psycho extremists.

Of course, a lot of Moslems are psycho extremists.

This guy looks white, like a convert, yelling for jihad on the streets.

You think he’s a real Islamic convert?

Just a white Moslem?

Or an intelligence agent seeking to create violence as a way to justify pro-Israel sentiment?

Who knows!