New Netflix Ad Shows White Wimp Getting Cucked By Black Man

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2018

When you watch this “open relationship” commercial and see what’s going on, the Jews will tell you that your eyes are lying, your mind is dirty and that you are obsessed with race.

If that’s the case and this isn’t political, why does this cuckoldry meme only go one way? Is there a single commercial where the white man is contrasted with a dumber and less masculine black guy, then steals his black girlfriend?

Even in this Samuel L. Jackson movie (the only exception I can think of) where the black guy terrorizes a white man/black woman couple and fights feminism in his family, his character is dignified, not a cuck:

Everywhere we look our masculinity is virulently attacked by the government, the corporations and the media. It’s a racial attack intended to gaslight and demoralize even if the people doing it lose money.

Apparently the Jew Jonathan Friedland, Chief Communications Officer of Netflix, thinks it is good for his brand to portray an unusually effeminate yet “stiflingly” conservative (in the ad’s context) white man losing his girlfriend to a negro alpha stud who ends up with both the white girlfriend he already had and the tepid white man’s too. In any other country, including China, something like this would cause a riot!

The sad fact is that there are many “blue pilled” white men just like the pussy portrayed here. Afraid to lift weights, afraid to control his woman and afraid to bite this lanky gorillas throat out when he touches his woman. Death is a superior fate!

Which is why no matter how much shit you get from the system for being a National Socialist, you should be proud that you have taken the path of a man with honor.

In the end, women (including many non-white women) will always respect and be more attracted to these Aryans over a negro, and especially over some complacent and conformist bugman honky.

Cancel your Netflix!