New Nazism: Ad for Montreal City’s 375th Anniversary Features Only White People

Daily Stormer
November 23, 2016

Don’t these frogs know about the holocaust? Smdh.

In what has been widely decried as a sudden resurgence of hardcore racism in Canada, an ad was broadcast featuring woefully insufficient diversity.

In fact, there was no diversity at all.

Worst of all, this was sponsored by a government agency.

Fortunately for the thousands of Jews who were in the process of booking a flight to Tel Aviv to escape their imminent internment in work camps, the organizer of the event advertised has apologized for this monumental mistake.


No, really, you can put your stars away. The racist has apologized.


The man in charge of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations is apologizing that a commercial for the festivities depicts only white people.

Gilbert Rozon said criticism of the 45-second spot is “100 per cent fair,” and it will be redone over the weekend.

The commercial is for a show that will air next month on four French-language networks and unveils elements of the programming for next year’s celebrations.

Rozon said the new version of the ad will accurately reflect the show, which he says features a more diverse list of guests.


The National Socialist Christian Party commemoration was also reportedly cancelled.

Of course, remaking the ad (at the tax payer’s expense) is the least they can do.

You wouldn’t want to make the “new Canadians” feel unwelcome in their new city, after all.


A leaked screenshot from the new version of the ad.

Asked to explain the original ad, Rozon said it’s a matter of people having to change their mentalities and keep diversity in mind.

“I think things are evolving in the right direction,” he said.

Indeed, we’re making rapid progress at wiping out the native residents.

It’s a good thing we prevented those remaining stragglers from reminiscing about the centuries of their history that didn’t involve vibrancy, or else they might have reverted back to their bigoted ways.

Rozon said some people see the city’s multiculturalism as a disadvantage, but he doesn’t share that opinion.

“I’ve always said it publicly, the fact that Montreal is Molière meeting Shakespeare is probably our greatest asset, but also the fact that we have this diversity makes a big difference,” he said.

What a faggot.


The guy in question. Are you a man, or a clown, bro?

The worse is that this guy isn’t some bureaucrat. He’s a famous festival organizer, responsible for the world’s biggest comedy festival (“Just for laughs”) and enjoys enormous prestige. For example, he was convicted of “sexual assault” in 1998, but was given an unconditional discharge from the supreme court so that he can continue his work unimpeded.

In other words, he didn’t have to cuck. He just did it because he’s weak.


On the bright side, I’ve learned that my city is supposed to be 32% diverse, while I had assumed it was way worse than that. I guess we’ll have to wait until we’re 90% diverse until people start worrying.