New Mexico: Video Shows Antifa Getting Blasted After Chasing a Man Down and Beating Him

Peaceful protesters peacefully walk towards a violent extremist killer.

The left is painting a cartoonish image of Monday’s shooting at a statue removal in New Mexico.

They are claiming that the peaceful protesters simply went there to destroy a piece of American history, and a man showed up and started shooting at them.

Obviously, we all know that this isn’t what happened. If it had happened, the story would be on a media loop, 24/7.

Like everything over the last few months, they’re just describing a complete fantasy, with literally no connection to reality at all. Similar to when they said that the black looters were all white supremacists in rubber negro masks.

In an article entitled “Former city council candidate arrested after man is shot at New Mexico protest with militia group,” the Washington Post somehow managed to avoid describing the incident at all, but said this:

Police in Albuquerque on Tuesday announced they had arrested a former city council candidate who they say shot and wounded a man at a protest that grew contentious as demonstrators clashed with a militia group.

The Monday night episode — which erupted after a crowd tried to tear down a monument to Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate — appeared to reflect a phenomenon that federal and state officials have long warned about: Protests over racial injustice, such as the ones currently roiling American cities, can draw a medley of fringe actors or groups with their own ideological agendas.

What actually happened was this:

(Backup of video in case that tweet is deleted.)

The Antifa were mob-attacking a man, had him on the ground and were screaming, “we’re gonna fucking kill you.” He pulled a gun and shot, and they started freaking out like babies, screaming and saying, “get his license plate,” as if someone like this is going to flee the site of a shooting.

Antifa is made up of rich, privileged white kids who have lived in a decadent hyperreality of fantasy their entire lives, knowing nothing at all of actual violence, as they run around like spastics attacking whoever the media tells them is bad. You see the entire fantasy collapse in this footage. All of a sudden, it’s not a little kiddie game anymore.

Though I don’t think anything good is going to come of this, it’s extremely satisfying to watch. Like, one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had in recent memory.

“Not so tough with a bullet in you, are you, you little faggot?” I found myself saying aloud in my room as I watched the video repeatedly.

What the man, Steven Baca, 31, did was clear cut self-defense. He was literally on the ground, after having been chased down and beaten by a mob. Baca had been smashed over the head with a skateboard immediately before drawing his gun and shooting.

Who knows if that will get him off in court. This atmosphere is so unbelievably toxic that it is difficult to imagine anything fair can happen in this environment.

Baca has been arrested and he may rot in jail for a year before they let him have a trial.

The guy who got shot is ultimate soy extreme, 39-year-old Scott Williams. A fatboy with hipster tattoos and a soy-beard, straight out of the memes.

These feminized men are powerless, the epitome of pathetic, and it gives them a rush when their mommies tell them they can go play rough on the playground. Anyone who knew anything about anything would have guessed that guy was carrying a gun. But they live in this little kiddie dreamworld, where if mommy says they can be a bad boy, there are never any consequences. They put on those masks and they literally believe they are in a Marvel Comics film. They are at that level of stunted emotional development.

I do not think the Talia Lavin kook narrative of “this is white supremacist terrorism, Baca went to the protest and just started shooting because he believes in white supremacy” is going to stick, because this video has gone viral. Elite bluecheck Twitter will keep saying it, and in a year or two the media will cite it as “an incident of white supremacist terror,” just like they now claim that about George Zimmerman, despite the fact he won in court. But while the video is still circulating, they’ll use weird language, like in the above linked WaPo piece.

If it weren’t for the video, they would just lie about it. However, they’re trying to say he was provoking violence before the shooting, when he was getting beaten with a skateboard.

I’m trying to figure out what the likely consequences of this are, but that isn’t clear yet. They will use it to attack the people who bring rifles to the protests, the “Three Percenter” retards, which I don’t care about. I think those people should stop anyway.

Otherwise, the clearcut nature of the video makes the whole thing problematic for them.

What I do think is a lot of these Antifa faggots are going to think twice before chasing a man down. These people have terrorized us for so long, hurt so many innocent people, that it really does just feel so great that at least a little bit of fear has been put into them by this event. I think it’s going to lift spirits all around.