New Mexico: TOTAL BRO Who Shot Antifa Attacker Released Without Charge…!

(I had to upload this video here because they keep deleting it everywhere)

Well, here’s your good news, in a sea of no good and very bad news: the dude who popped a hole in an Antifa that was attacking him in New Mexico is going to walk.

We all saw the video, knew it was very cut and dry self-defense, but I had fully expected this guy to rot in jail for a year before the trial and then maybe get off with time served.

He’s out. He did an interview with Michelle Malkin on Tuesday.

She’s also set up a fundraiser for him that has gotten over 300 donations and nearly $14,000 at time of writing.

Let this bring you joy of the highest order.


A judge has released the man accused of opening fire and shooting a protester. Police say Steven Baca is the man seen on video opening fire at last Monday’s protest regarding a statue of conquistador Juan De Oñate, sending one man to the hospital. Much of the District Attorney’s case was centered around 10 primary witness videos, one of which shows the moments leading up to Baca firing his gun.

While Baca is most known for firing shots, he is not currently facing any charges for it. Baca is facing aggravated battery and two battery charges for allegedly assaulting three female protestors.

Police initially charged Baca for the shooting, but the District Attorney dropped that charge pending further investigation. Baca’s attorneys have argued he fired his gun in self-defense because he was being hit with a skateboard.

He was indeed being hit with a skateboard after running away. This wasn’t even “stand your ground” – he was literally running, the fat faggot who got ventilated was screaming “going to fucking kill you!”

The soft little bitch was shocked when hot lead tore through his soft, fatty flesh.

In court, Monday, the District Attorney’s office argued that Baca was only at the protest to start trouble. However, with no criminal history and the state not yet finding any of the women Baca is accused of hurting, Judge Charles Brown released him on his own recognizance.

Monday, Judge Brown released Baca with pre-trial services. “I’m going to find that the defendant may be a danger to the community and that the state completely fails on the second prong of the analysis of whether or not there were any conditions which would reasonably protect the community,” said Judge Brown. He has been banned from attending any protests and using firearms.

Brown told Baca is was “stupid” to bring a gun to a protest. Baca did not have a concealed carry permit at the time of the shooting. He is also facing charges for that.

It’s always stupid to carry a gun to a protest, especially if you don’t have a CCW.

We can all feel joy that this Antifa got shot like this. We can watch the video millions of times, and feel great warmth in our hearts.

But understand: he is just very lucky. All kinds of things could have gone wrong here, which could and would have ended up with Baca getting the James Fields treatment.

Poor James Fields.

What an absolutely raw deal that poor kid got.

I try to think about him as often as possible, try to think if there’s something I can do for him.

I feel bad that I don’t have his current prison address. I’ve tried to find it and could not. We should be writing him letters. If someone has the ability to access the database you can get that information from, please post it on the Gamer Uprising forum so I can post it here. I want to make a regular thing of posting it.

I’m thinking about writing a short book about what happened to him. This was really the first totally open and public Soviet-type political lynching in America. Really a turning point in our nation’s history. There will be many more such cases in the future, because America let it happen to Fields.

It’s just like I said on Tuesday with regards to VDare getting their domain pulled – when they did it to Daily Stormer and no one fought back, there was no chance they weren’t just going to keep doing it. They waited for a while, then they did it to 8chan, now they’re going straight for VDare, which isn’t even edgy and only last month got banned from Facebook.

Because this was allowed to happen to James Fields, this situation where everyone knew that it was a car accident, everyone knew that Heather Heyer died because she was obese, and yet he was sentenced to four centuries in prison for murder, the next time is going to be even worse.

When my domain was pulled, it was for mocking Heather Heyer’s weight and calling James Fields a straight up playa.

Just so, the next political prisoner sentenced to four centuries over a hoax will not have to have been involved in something so politically charged as Charlottesville.

The entire direction of the world is based on what you are able to get the masses of people to go along with. The masses are now comfortable going along with sentencing a kid to die in prison for something everyone knows he didn’t do. No one would defend Fields, other than me and Tucker Carlson and a couple other people, because they thought it was “bad optics,” and now we’re all going to pay for that, just like VDare and everyone else is going to pay for not defending Daily Stormer when they took the domain.

This is what happens.

After seeing the video, the media made the claim that Baca went to the rally and just started randomly shooting people.

They might have gotten away with it, if the fatboy had died. They might have just said in unison that he went to the rally and opened fire to murder people randomly.

Let’s see if we can find Jimmy Boy’s prison address though. It would be constructive for all of us to send him a letter. We should be looking for opportunities to do positive things in this dark time.